Courteney Cox Dissolved Her Facial Fillers; Decides To Stop “Chasing” Youthfulness

She gets real about battling unrealistic beauty standards

Courteney Cox has stopped “chasing” youthfulness and is learning to be comfortable with her natural appearance. The 57-year-old Friends actress made headlines after opening up to The Sunday Times about her decision to reverse cosmetic treatments she had done previously.

Courteney revealed in the interview that she decided to get fillers after noticing that she was “looking older.” However, she eventually realised that she looked “really strange with injections” and was “doing stuff” to her face that she would never have done now.

The actress also shared that others had constantly speculated about her appearance, which led to her decision to reverse the treatments that she had done. She also spoke up about the “intense” scrutiny that women in Hollywood face and is unsure if it could be “more intense” than the pressure that she puts on herself.

Courteney is set to star in Shining Vale, a horror-comedy series that premieres on Starz on 6 March.

(Cover photo from: @courteneycoxofficial)

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