Get Ready For The All-Star Cast Of ‘Captain America 4’

There’s a new soldier in town

Marvel fans, get ready because Captain America: Brave New World is coming soon and we’ve rounded up all the deets you need to know.

Captain America 4 starring Anthony Mackie

Anthony Mackie will make his big-screen debut as the new Captain America. (Photo from: @falconandwintersoldier)

The film’s original title was New World Order. It was changed after people pointed out that it has been used to refer to anti-semitic ideas and hate movements — far from the ideals (like justice and hope) that the character of Captain America is often associated with.

Captain America: Brave New World: cast, plot, and more

Anthony Mackie will play the character of Sam Wilson. We last saw him in the Disney+ series Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) where he started his reluctant journey of taking on the mantle of Captain America.

Similar to other Marvel films that are in production, details about the plot have yet to be revealed. But to fuel the fans’ excitement (and theories) Anthony Mackie dropped a photo of him with Harrison Ford on set. The beloved actor known for his iconic roles as Indiana Jones and Han Solo of the Star Wars franchise will play the role of General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross.

Harrison Ford’s character first debuted in The Incredible Hulk (2008). It was originally played by William Hurt, who passed away in March 2022.

Another buzz-worthy addition to the cast is actress Liv Tyler. She acted as the General’s daughter and scientist Betty Ross in the same Hulk movie, and she will be reprising her role in this upcoming film.

But there’s more. Marvel is bringing back another actor from that movie — Tim Blake Nelson. He’s expected to play the role of a villain called The Leader AKA Samuel Sterns.

Other cast members include Danny Ramirez as Joaquín Torres and Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley (both were part of Falcon and the Winter Soldier).

Captain America: Brave New World: release date in Singapore

Back in 2022, Marvel announced that the film will be released on 3 May 2024. But the date was pushed back to 26 July 2024. Singapore usually gets an earlier release, so we can expect Brave New World to be out in theatres on 25 July 2024. Stay tuned for more details.

(Cover photo from: @anthonymackie)

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