Beauty Brands Are Tapping Into This ‘Anti-Instagram’ Social Media App

It will make you candid

This story was first published on 27 July 2022.

Tired of the super polished and curated content on social media? You can turn to the BeReal app for some candid slice-of-life photos. 

Touted as “Anti-Instagram”, this French social media app was launched in 2020 but only gained popularity in mid-2022. It has recently topped Apple’s App Store charts in the United States, dethroning TikTok. Around the world, BeReal is also getting more and more downloads.

But it's not just casual users who are apparently getting the appeal. Beauty brands like Kiehl's, CeraVe, Urban Decay, Rare Beauty, and more are reportedly joining the platform. Meanwhile, U.K. brands like Ciate London and The Inkey List also created their accounts on the platform. 

How the BeReal app works

Unlike other social media platforms, posting on BeReal has some limitations. A notification will be sent to you on when you can post a photo and you only have two minutes to do it. First, you’ll take a snap of your surroundings or whatever it is you’re doing and then take a selfie. You have the option to share it only with your friends and let it be visible on the Discovery feed.

BeReal app interface.

BeReal encourages you to share candid photos with friends. (Photo from:

The Discovery feed shows posts from people around the world. Most of the photos you’ll see on this page are sneak peeks of everyday lives such as eating breakfast, going to the gym, watching on Netflix and other mundane activities. If you want to react to a post, you can send a “RealMoji” which is a selfie of your reaction.

No filters or editing are allowed on the app. There are also no follower counts but you can see the number of likes.

How to download BeReal in Singapore

BeReal app is available on iOS and Android. You may download the app here.

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