You Deserve A Relaxing Head Massage From One Of These 11 Places

Headaches, be gone!

This article was first published on 24 October 2022.

Have you ever dealt with a very stressful week that makes your head feel heavy? Instead of just sleeping it off, we say go and get a head massage instead. There are many places in Singapore to get one, if you know where to look.

Benefits of head massage

Similar to body massages, head massages help release a lot of tension and improve blood circulation, allowing the muscles around the scalp to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This activity can also help improve alertness and memory retention and alleviate sleeping pattern issues.

However, not all places allow getting head massages without any hair and scalp treatments involved. But if you prefer a head massage without the extras, here are eight places in Singapore that give you just that.

Where to get head massages in Singapore

Dealing with headache, anxiety and overall stress? A good head massage may be just what you need.

1. Moomin

This massage parlour uses Japanese techniques that target lymphatic vessels and tense muscles to deal with sleep deprivation and headaches due to immense stress. It also uses a dry massage method that allows you to slip into the appointment even in the middle of the day and go back to the office without worrying about getting rid of oils and balms post-session.

Address: Various locations.

2. Indulge Skin & Body Lab

This massage place uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in most of its services, including its head massages. The treatment aims to help improve your ‘qi’ (life force) and boost scalp health to prevent hair loss and thinning.

Address: Various locations.

Head massage benefits

Head massages are meant to help deal with irregular sleeping patterns.

3. Kenko Wellness

This head massage place in Singapore uses acupressure that targets specific pressure points to help deal with muscle tension, stress, and anxiety. Its head massage is also pretty quick at 20 minutes, allowing you to squeeze it into your busy schedule without any issues.

Address: Various locations.

4. Beautrim Care

If you’re dealing with sinus blockage, Beautrim Care’s head massage is the one you need. This head massage service also claims to help with minor respiratory concerns and ease muscle tension around the scalp.

Address: Block 508 Bishan Street 11, #01-388 Bishan Central, Singapore 570508

Book an appointment via +65-6250-8306 or [email protected].

Head massage places in Singapore

Aromatherapy and acupressure are some of the most common techniques used in head massages.

5. The Thai Spa

Love aromatherapy? The Thai Spa uses a mix of aromatic oils to soothe both your muscles and senses for the most relaxing feel. Its head massage package also extends to the neck and shoulders, leaving your upper body rejuvenated and well-cared for.

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-324 Suntec City, Singapore 038983

Book an appointment via +65-6252-4400 or +65-8182-8272.

6. Bamboo Vietnam Hair Spa

If you want a quick but relaxing head massage that you can easily get in the middle of busy Jelan Basar, a visit to this head massage place in Singapore is for you. You can tweak the duration of your head massage without worrying about breaking the bank because it charges only SGD1 per minute.

Address: 65 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208813

Book an appointment via +65-6295-5272.

Singapore head massage services

Not a fan of lengthy hair spas and hair treatments? Luckily, there are head massage places in Singapore that offer straightforward massages that fit tight and hectic schedules better.

7. Summer Nail Services

This salon isn’t just good for getting your mani and pedi done, but they also have a special head massage service with skilled therapists using acupressure for a painless and relaxing session. Its head massage is said to be good for promoting better sleep and overall holistic well-being.

Address: Address: 79 Anson Road, Treatment Room 9, #21-01, Singapore 079906

Book an appointment via +65-8837-8668 or +65-8850-3578.

8. Vesure Hair Therapy

This head massage service uses reflexology and traditional Taiwanese gua sha techniques to stimulate pressure points around the scalp and forehead. This promotes better blood circulation and healthier hair growth as well as alleviates any muscle tension around the area.

Address: Blk 714 Ang Mo Kio Central Ave 6, #01-4012 (opposite Broadway Plaza), Singapore 560714

Book an appointment via +65-6259-0977 or +65-8934-6601.

head massage using a scalp head massager

Some spas will use various instruments, like this scalp head massager, during the head massage.

9. Squeeze

Squeeze describes itself as a contemporary massage apothecary and practices a holistic approach to wellness. It offers an All-in-One Massage, a customisable massage session where you can ask for any combination of a head, neck, shoulders, back, and feet massage. Prices range from SGD79 per 60 minutes to SGD149 per 120 minutes.

Address: 171 Thomson Road, Singapore 307622

Book an appointment by calling or texting +65 8777 0171. You can also send them an email via [email protected].

10. Lily Head and Hair Spa

This head and hair spa offers authentic Japanese head spa done by trained Japanese therapists. Get its Cream Bath Head Spa, a pressure-point scalp massage that uses a warm scalp cream to amp up the relaxing vibes. If you want a more indulgent session, get the hour-long Raw Honey Head Spa — which hails from Japan and is the first of its kind in Singapore — that relaxes the scalp and addresses scalp problems in one go. Prices range from SGD90 to SGD130 per session.

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #03-16 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815

Book an appointment here.

11. An Qi Spa

If you end up needing a head massage late at night or early in the morning, this 24-hour massage spa will be there to massage away your aches and pains. You can avail of its Ear Candling + Head Massage + Body Massage Signature Treatments, for a whole-body experience.

Address: Various locations

Book an appointment here.

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