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Yoga first comes to mind when we think of a workout and a relaxation routine meshed into one. And through the years, different types of yoga practices emerged to fit almost every preference and lifestyle. One that recently captured our attention is aerial yoga, also known as flying yoga or anti-gravity yoga.

What is aerial yoga?

On the surface, aerial yoga may seem like any other novelty twist to your usual wellness routine. However, it ups the ante of your usual yoga practice by helping better blood flow to the brain, improving flexibility and focus, and is great for those looking for a great upper body workout. How? It’s all in the extra resistance provided by the aerial suspension.

Woman doing aerial yoga

Will you try aerial yoga?

How does aerial yoga work?

As the name suggests, aerial yoga is done while you’re suspended mid-air through a combination of hammocks, support chains, webbing straps, and carabineers. However, you’re still close enough to touch the floor, encouraging beginners and those who have fear of heights to still give it a try. Routines mixing basic yoga, pilates, and dance elements complete this practice.

Ready to give aerial yoga a try? Book your session at these 15 Singapore studios that offer this experience.

1. FlyWith Fitness

This aerial yoga studio offers various classes on yoga, pilates, TRX Suspension, and aerial arts training. Instructors also make sure to help assess your comfort and skill levels to ensure the most tailored and beneficial routines depending on your needs.

Address: 8 Woodleigh Park (The Arena), Singapore 357844

Book here or via +65 9150 1156.

2. Hale Yoga

Hale Yoga offers aerial yoga classes at various timings throughout the day, allowing even the busiest bees to book a session depending on their best availability. Each class varies in intensity and difficulty level, allowing you to enjoy your routine depending on what fits you the most. This studio also allows guests to try two different types of fabric used in aerial yoga — parachute trapeze and stretchy silk — to give a better understanding of this practice. This aerial yoga studio also has bathing facilities which allow you to go about the rest of your day fresh even post-workout.

Address: Various locations

Book via +65 8909 3580, +65 6581 3200, and at [email protected]

Aerial yoga studios in Singapore

Aerial yoga helps improve balance, core strength, and helps deal with pain relief.

3. Mindful Movement

If you’re worried about large cramp classes, Mindful Movement’s small and personalised classes are for you. This kind of method allows for better training and instruction per client, giving you the most out of your booked class. This studio also offers one-on-one classes for your convenience.

Address: 11-07, 24 Raffles Place, Clifford Center, Singapore 048621

Book here.

4. Yoga Mala

This aerial yoga studio has the benefit of small class sizes and flexible membership plans that would suit your lifestyle and budget perfectly. The main focus of each class is to allow you to master the art of maneouvering the aerial yoga hammock, helping you improve your balance and core strength.

Address: 49A, Circular Road, Singapore 049404

Book here or via +65 8498 1649.

Aerial yoga benefits

Get ready to fly!

5. Trium Fitness

If you want a luxe aerial studio experience, Trium Fitness will surely fulfill those needs and more. Their six aerial yoga routines focus on pain relief and spinal decompression, done in their brightly lit and chic studio rooms. Guests also get to enjoy showering facilities, as well as complimentary towels and drinks.

Address: 12 Kallang Ave, #03-01/02 Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511

Book via +63 8782 8633.

6. Dream Dance Yoga

Not sure if aerial yoga is your thing? Dream Dance Yoga allows for a ‘no commitment’ free trial to allow you to gauge if it’s for you. This aerial studio welcomes beginner to seasoned yogis to try ou their aerial yoga sessions which focus on body toning and improved yoga technique.

Address: Various locations

Call desired location for bookings.

Aerial yoga how to do

Aerial yoga uses different materials like silk, lycra, hammocks, and more.

7. Mindful Spaces

Looking to try aerial yoga not just for you but for your kiddie companions? This studio in Singapore has an aerial yoga programme where you can enjoy classes of various difficulty levels that can double up as a bonding session for the entire family. The sessions are carefully conducted and focus on fitness and agility, all done in a fun and exciting environment.

Address: 10 Winstedt Rd, Block A 02-02, Singapore 227977

Book via +65 9783 7313.

8. Adedance Aerial

This aerial yoga studio in Singapore combines dance and aerial yoga to create an engaging and grace-filled session that will improve your strength, flexibility, and creativity. Their sessions make use of aerial hoops, poles, and silks to give you well-rounded wellness sessions matched with choreography.

Address: Oxley Biz Hub 65 Ubi Road 1, #01-94, Singapore 408729

Book via +65 9787 6948.

Aerial yoga Singapore

Aerial yoga studios allow you to tweak routines depending on your comfort level, encouraging even those afraid of heights to give it a try.

9. Motionwerkz Yoga

This yoga studio calls its aerial yoga sessions Swing classes, which incorporate gliders, resistance bands, and weights in their routines. Classes are conducted only in groups of eight max, allowing for a relaxing and focused learning environment. Single class options are also available, allowing you to take your own pace in learning depending on your skill level and schedule.

Address: 2 Kallang Ave #07-22 CT Hub, Singapore 339407

Book via +65 8811 1483.

10. Aerial Fitness Studio

This aerial yoga studio teaches a variety of style and techniques that covers dance, fitness, and even acrobatics. Their group of expert instructors ensures that you’ll have a valuable takeaway at every end of the session whether you’re a beginner or someone who has been doing yoga for years. Their instructors also assist you to create a programme fit for your mobility limits, skills, and other personal preferences to ensure a well-fitted session aligned with your comfort level.

Address: CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street #01 – 42, Singapore 338729

Book via +65 8952 5483 or [email protected].

11. Club Yoga

This yoga studio is founded by a cancer survivor and offers different types of yoga classes, including aerial, rope, and chair. The aerial yoga classes focus on combining strength and balance as you go through the advanced poses.

Address: 28B Hong Kong Street, Singapore 059667

Book here.

An aerial fitness instructor guiding a student

Why walk when you can fly?

12. Refindery Fitness

Refindery Fitness aims to provide its clients with a safe and nurturing environment and a menu of classes that includes aerial, Pilates, and yoga. It currently offers four levels of aerial fitness classes that are a fun fusion of yoga, Pilates, dance and acrobatics.

Address: 413A River Valley Road, Singapore 248311

Book here.

13. Aerial and Floor

This aerial fitness space nestled in the heart of Chinatown is the brainchild of two lovers and pioneers of the aerial and acrobatic arts scene in Singapore. Because of their unique backgrounds, the studio they own uses hoops, hammocks, and trapezes in its aerial fitness classes. 

Address: 7B Trengganu Street, Singapore 058461

Book here.

14. IDance Yoga and Fitness Studio

If you’re looking for a class made for everyone who is on-the-go, but still prioritises wellness and fitness, it’s time to visit this studio. The instructors believe that people should always find time to slow down and prioritise oneself. They teach the latest and most up-to-date skills in each class.

Address: 1 Irving Place #07-02, The Commerze@irving, Singapore 36954

Book an appointment here.

15. Jal Yoga

Classes at this studio incorporates barre and pilates techniques to their aerial yoga. Each session is tailored to the students’ skill level so that your safety is always ensured. Every class will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed afterwards.

Address: Various locations

Book here

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