Here’s How To Know If You’re Dating A ‘Beige Flag’, According To TikTok

What’s so bad about beige?

You’ve heard of green flags and red flags in relationships, but have you heard of beige flags? Recently, this dating term has been going around on TikTok to describe someone who has brow-raising behaviour, but not enough to be considered toxic. Confused? Allow us to walk you through it.

What is the ‘beige flag’ when it comes to dating?

In simpler terms, a beige flag is a person who has quirks that someone else might find unusual, questionable, or annoying but, in the bigger sense of things, doesn’t really come off as bad or offensive.

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One example of a beige flag, according to one TikTok user, is how her partner doesn’t put his phone on silent mode even at night because he’s scared his alarm won’t go off in the morning. It’s not exactly a bad thing, per se, but the TikTok user shared that she’d rather not be woken up by her boyfriend’s phone notifications all night long.

@izzytrodd Im basically dory #beigeflag #redflags #dory #fyp ♬ Summer Background Jazz - Jazz Background Vibes

Another TikTok user shared that she’s the type to remember very specific details and events about her partner, but would completely forget simple information like her partner’s favourite colour or food preferences. While this can be perceived as sweet by some people, forgetting your partner’s basic likes or dislikes can be frustrating for others, thus also going under the beige flag category.

Negative connotations of beige in today’s trends

Just a couple of years ago, beige ruled many lifestyle trends, especially when it comes to aesthetics. We’re talking nude lipsticks and nails, neutral fashion, minimalist home interiors, and more — most of which many of us are still into in 2023!

However, people’s opinions about this colour seemed to have changed, now referring to trends related to beige as “boring” and “unoriginal”.

Sad beige baby aesthetic criticisms

The colour beige is recently getting heat for being “boring” and “unoriginal”, with the “sad beige baby” aesthetic even garnering attention from experts.

Earlier this year, experts even started weighing in on the “sad beige baby” aesthetic, when netizens criticised parents who prefer muted colours for their children’s clothing and overall home environment. Some doctors explained that while muted colours such as beige aren’t “harmful” to babies, bright colours tend to stimulate children’s minds more during their early development.

Are you dating a beige flag or are you the beige flag?

It’s still up to you if you’ll let your partner’s quirky yet non-toxic habits affect your overall relationship. This goes the other way around, referring to beige flags you might have but not know about until now.

Beige flag meaning

Better be a beige flag than a red flag, maybe?

Whether we’re talking about beige flags on dating, beige as an aesthetic choice, or beige in child-rearing, remember that at the end of the day, it’s what we make of this colour and its associations that make it either good or bad.

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