MUJI’s New Furniture Range Is A Minimalist’s Dream Come True

It’s eco-friendly too

Looking to come home to a warmer and cosy space this year? Japanese retail company MUJI has just launched its latest rubberwood furniture series in Singapore and the pieces may just be what you need to add to your home.

Muji Furniture Singapore

Here’s to more comfy me-time moments with MUJI’s Highback Reclining Sofa and Ottoman Sofa.

MUJI’s new rubberwood furniture series

MUJI takes pride in its latest furniture collection, which marks the first time the brand’s headquarters has authorised ASEAN markets to independently develop products. Singapore has the largest selection available, and you can be sure to find just the right pieces that will fit the timeless, practical, and minimalist dream home you have in mind. But more than just being an aesthetically pleasing range that’s worthy of a Pinterest mood board, the collection’s pieces are environmentally friendly and are all made from rubberwood.

Why rubberwood? It’s solid and durable. It’s sustainable too. Rubberwood trees are abundant in Southeast Asia and their sap is used for latex. MUJI comes in to repurpose rubberwood that’s no longer able to produce sap (around 20 years after it flourishes) and uses them for furniture. But that’s not all. Rubberwood is also resistant to mould, bacteria, and fungi. What more can you ask for?

MUJI’s rubberwood furniture series pieces

The brand offers pieces for every essential part of your home, including the bedroom, living, dining and study.

Muji Furniture Singapore

A space-saving piece that can be your dining table and workspace too.

For dinner dates or family get-togethers, MUJI has Wooden Dining Tables that come in two sizes (SGD279 for small and SGD369 for large). But MUJI also offers a third option for those who want the best of both worlds. Its foldable Wooden Extension Table (SGD399) gives you the freedom to choose between a compact one that’s 90 CM-sized and one that’s 120 CM-sized when extended.

If you’re on the lookout for a way to switch things up before having friends over, MUJI has the Rubberwood Low Table Oval (SGD229 for small and SGD299 for large). The brand has designed its rounded corners to create an inviting feel to your living space.

And for when you want to sit back and relax after a hard day’s work, MUJI offers the Highback Reclining Sofa (SGD309) and Ottoman Sofa (SGD149). The sofa comes in six adjustable sizes that’ll make you sigh in satisfaction and say that it’s “just right”. These pieces, a cup of your favourite drink, plus a furry friend on your lap are the perfect way to end the day.

MUJI’s rubberwood furniture series in Singapore

You can view the entire collection on MUJI’s official website. All the pieces are now available in MUJI retail stores in Singapore.

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