Filipino Content Creator Andrei King On Having Fun With Fashion


Personal style is a form of storytelling. Each piece forms a picture of who we are, how we feel — or how we want to feel — at a point in time. Take a peek at the wardrobes of these fashionable personalities and discover the interesting details behind their looks and stories.

Filipino content creator Andrei King is no stranger to getting judged for his love of fashion but he doesn’t like to dwell on criticism. Instead, he prefers to just carry on and continue to have fun with his style.

Fashion is often thought of as a ‘feminine’ endeavour, but Andrei is a living example that men can also benefit from dressing well. “Through fashion, I get to express so much — my personality, how I'm feeling — in a single outfit,” he said. As someone who loves Renaissance era fashion, he longs for the day when it is customary to dress less casually and he can bask in all the glamour and pageantry of the looks from that period. “People during that time really put in an effort on their outfits.”

Each day, Andrei strives to bring this style sensibility into his wardrobe. Keep reading to know more about Andrei’s style and how he balances his love for flair with touches of contemporary minimalism.

All about balance

Goldilocks would love Andrei’s style — it’s not too minimalist, not too much; it hits just the right balance. But this didn’t happen overnight. Before he got to this point, Andrei went through a lot of experimenting with his style. When he was younger, Andrei would gravitate towards flamboyant pieces with loud colours and fun patterns but over the years he has embraced a more minimalist approach, all without losing his vibrant style.

You could say that his way of dressing up now is a balance between minimalism and maximalism. How does he do this? Andrei would pick one piece that’s eye-catching and build his outfit from that. And of course, he doesn’t forget to put on accessories which really brings his look together.

But it’s not just the aesthetics that Andrei considers when dressing up for an occasion, he shares that he also plans his outfits based on different factors. “I always choose what's appropriate for who I'm meeting, the location, time of day and the weather  — while making sure that the outfit always shows class,” he said. When in doubt, he always goes for a crisp polo shirt; Andrei feels that it’s a timeless piece modern men can rely on to look presentable in an instant and he has a lot of it in stock.

Andrei’s closet

Andrei, 25, shares that his style is still evolving as he continues to grow as a person. “I improve my fashion sense as time goes on and it changes because of my experiences and realisations,” he said. His closet doubles as a museum of clothing that represents milestones in his life.

One of his most treasured outfits is his black Onitsuka Tiger jacket and pants. To others, it may just be a stylish ensemble but to Andrei it is so much more, it’s a symbol of his achievement as a content creator. “Onitsuka Tiger brought me to Singapore for their SS2020 Singapore Preview event and I was so honoured that I was chosen to be a part of it,” he said.

Another piece that has a sentimental significance to Andrei is his Dior body bag. “I bought this as a gift to myself. Whenever I see my bag, I’m reminded of how far I've gone and all the work I've put in to be able to buy it,” he said.

Man wearing Dior Body Saddle Bag

There are also some pieces in his wardrobe that may not have an emotional value but he treasures just the same and these are his two pairs of Nike sneakers; they are also the most worn items in his wardrobe. “My Nike Airforce One sneakers go well with any outfit. You can never go wrong with white shoes. You can easily mix and match them with different styles and outfits. Plus, they are comfortable to wear,” he said.

“When I first saw this pair these Nike Dunks, I instantly fell in love with the design and bought it on the spot regardless of the amount because it just felt right,” Andrei said. “In the end, it was the right decision because it goes well with my outfits.”

His feelings and intuition are another compass that Andrei uses to guide him in his fashion choices and so far it’s worked in his favour as a content creator and fashion influencer. When asked what his ultimate fashion advice for those who admire his style is, Andrei says the key is to wear something that you’re comfortable with because then confidence will follow. To him, you have to be true to yourself and your style. “At the end of the day, I want to show people who I am,” he said.

(Cover photo from: @king.dreii)

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