What We Love About Being Singaporean

The good ol' Lion City

Despite being a small country, Singapore has managed to make significant marks when it comes to business, culture and even the beauty and fashion industries. These accomplishments all boil down to the ingenuity and perseverance of its people. So in celebration of National Day, we asked some members of the TBL Bureau and our Community to share what they love about this tiny but strong nation.

Sabrina Wong

Woman wearing a red mini-dress in front of a cafe

"Despite all of her shortcomings, Singapore has and always will be home to me and millions of people united in this country. I wouldn't call another place Home. Wearing my favourite red dress to show my patriotism and love for Singapore!"

Christy Ho

A woman wearing a red polka dot long-sleeved romper

"Having spent 10 years living abroad, there's really no place like home. In Singapore, racial harmony is real, access to potable water is easy, and even though the standard of living is high, we're one of the safest countries in the world. We're tiny but mighty and I'm proud to be a Singaporean. Happy birthday, Singapore!"

Ryan Sim

Guy holding a small Singapore flag

"The peace and safety. What I love about being a Singaporean is definitely feeling safe wherever and whenever I am on this sunny island."

Juliana Stryker

Woman wearing a red dress holding a miniature Singapore flag

"Good and affordable delicacies are always a stone's throw away. [Then there's also] Singlish, which consists of many languages including Chinese dialects, and the culture of addressing anyone older as Auntie or Uncle. Makes us feel so much closer, hor?"

Azleena Chng

Woman wearing a long-sleeved white dress.

"We all love to find the best deals, best food and we all love travelling. But at the end of the day, Singapore is where we truly feel at home."

(Cover photo from: @ilovebunnynet)

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