Much Ado About The New ‘Nothing Phone’

It boasts of “brave simplicity”

Nothing Phone (1) is now in Singapore and it’s here to ensure “less distractions” and “more soul” with its minimal yet functional design. This Android-powered device is lauded for its eco-friendly construction and innovative features. Read on to know more!

Nothing Phone (1) White with green bird at the side.

It has a sleek design.

Nothing Phone (1) Features

One of this head-turning phone’s most exciting features is the Glyph Interface. It’s a system of LED lights at the back of the phone that provide unique light patterns to signal specific notifications.

You can assign a pattern for a particular notification.

For example, you can assign one light pattern for when you receive a WhatsApp notification and another one when it’s an Instagram notification. This way, you can distinguish which app is giving you notifications without looking directly at the phone so you can minimise distraction.

The phone also boasts two advanced 50MP sensors and built-in studio lighting. You can also use it for gaming with its Snapdragon 778G+ chipset.

But perhaps the best part is the Nothing Phone (1) is made with environmentally friendly materials. It uses 100% recycled aluminium and over 50% of its plastic components are bio-based or from recycled sources. The packaging is made from recycled fibre as well.

Nothing Phone (1) Price, Release Date In Singapore

Nothing’s Phone (1) will be available in Singapore on 13 August 2022. It will be launched in three variants: 8 RAM/128GB (SGD769), 8 RAM/256GB (SGD869), and 12RAM/256GB (SGD949). Check out this page to find a store near you.

(Cover photo from: @nothing)

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