Hop On The Y2K Trend With CASETiFY’s New Pushin Case

Design your phone case to your heart’s content

Get ready to Jibbitz-ify your phone case with the CASETiFY Pushin case — now available in Singapore.

CASETiFY Pushin Case in Singapore

Go and get creative. (Photo from: CASETiFY)

CASETiFY Pushin Case

If you’re the type who can never stick to just one phone case design, then this one’s perfect for you. It gives you the freedom to mix and match “pushin pins” which are just like Jibbitz charms for Crocs. The new launch also seems to be inspired by the colourful and cute side of the Y2K trend (think rainbows, hearts, and smiley faces) as seen on CASETiFY’s campaign video.

The base for your personalised designs comes in four colourways: black, pink, lavender, and cream. Each case has up to 14 holes and is made with soft and flexible silicone, so you can easily put in and remove the pins. To put each one, you just have to twist the back of the pin into the hole; to remove it, you just have to push it out.

CASETiFY Pushin Case in Singapore

Countless combinations. (Photo from: CASETiFY)

Now let’s get to the pins. CASETiFY’s first batch of pushin pins come in four sets, namely, Cottagecore, Retro West, Diner Breakfast, and Peace Love Earth. The brand’s past collab with Barbie also has pins that are compatible with the new cases, but you’d have to sign up on the waitlist for the restock. We’re hoping for more designs in the future!

Where to buy the CASETiFY Pushin Case in Singapore

You can check out the full collection (which is available for shipping to Singapore) via CASETiFY’s website. It currently shows cases that are made for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series only, but we’re hoping that it will be available for other devices too. Prices for the phone cases start at USD55 (or around SGD74.07) while the prices for the pins start at USD25 (or around SGD33.67).

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