10 Fitness Trends In 2022 That Will Improve Your Well-Being

From power walking to reverse running

There’s no shortage of fitness trends to try in 2022 — which is a good thing! Finding one (or two) to stick with is so much easier when you have a lot of options to try out. Some are revamped versions of tried-and-tested workouts that are rooted in tradition while others are born thanks to new technologies. Ready to elevate your wellness journey? Here are the wellness trends you should check out this year.

Wearable fitness tech

While wearable fitness technology has been around for a while, it’s primed to reach another level of popularity in 2022. A worldwide survey placed this surge of interest in smartwatches, fitness trackers, and heart rate monitors as the number one trend for this year beating “home exercise gyms” and “online live and on-demand exercise classes”. The latest models of these fitness tech products even boast the ability to manage stress levels. Isn’t that awesome? And as newer technology becomes better and better, we can only expect wearable fitness devices to be even more advanced.

Power Walking

Power walking is nothing new, but there’s been a renewed interest in this gentle exercise that’s associated with a reduced risk for high blood pressure and hip fracture. Part of its appeal is its simplicity: you simply need to bend your arms at a 90-degree angle and swing them gently as you walk. For footwork, make sure that you land on your heel for each stride.

Spotify has revealed that playlists inspired by this workout remain popular. So much so that the audio streaming giant has partnered with Mia Lind, who is credited for reintroducing the trend on social media, to create a 2022 “Hot Girl Walk” playlist filled with songs that will pump you up.

Mindfulness workout

Asian woman doing yoga

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Mindfulness workout is something that’s gaining traction in the fitness community. It involves mixing meditation (guided or silent) with a slow-paced workout like yoga and leisure cycling. The breathwork needed for the exercises helps boost concentration and focus, making your mind wander less as opposed to traditional meditation. It’s also a good fitness trend for busy people who may not have time for separate meditation and workout sessions.

Hybrid workout

Pandemic-driven movement restrictions ease or tighten depending on the situation. Some days you can go to the gym, while other times you have to make do with your home equipment. This has led to the rise of hybrid exercise plans which allow for flexibility. Another benefit to this arrangement is having a well-rounded workout regimen. You can work on lifting weights while at a fitness centre and focus on other areas such as improving flexibility by doing mat-based exercises at home.

Weighted hula hoops

A study by health club PureGym has revealed that weighted hula hoops have enjoyed a 234% increase in interest. This result came from an analysis of worldwide Google search data, with TikTok cited as the catalyst for starting a new wave of fanfare for this fun-looking workout. These weighted devices are said to help with core and lower body strength, posture and balance. Put a fun playlist and you won’t even feel like you’re working out.

Stroller Fitness

Stroller fitness has also returned to the spotlight, according to PureGym. This workout is perfect for parents who are time-strapped and find it difficult to fit exercise sessions into their busy schedules. The moves are quite easy and involve gentle arm chest presses, stretches, and lunges. If you’re thinking about doing this workout with your child, make sure that they are safe and secured in their stroller in order to avoid any accidents.

Beer Yoga

Move over hot yoga and goat yoga, beer yoga is here to create some buzz. This unique exercise is one of the more interesting trending workouts for 2022 that landed on PureGym’s top 10. It’s just like your regular yoga, but you take a swig between poses. You get the same benefits from traditional yoga — such as increased flexibility, muscle strength and more — but this version also helps challenge your balance as some moves involve balancing the glass bottle.

Reverse Running

Not to be confused with the dance trend “Reverse Running Man”, Reverse Running is exactly what it sounds like: running backwards. It’s a trend resurrected from the 1980s. While it may look like a silly exercise, it actually has unique benefits such as less impact on the knees which helps prevent injuries. Embarrassed to do it on your usual running route? You can practise at home first until you get comfortable with it.

VR Fitness

Want to fight a professional boxer in the ring? How about taking a bike along the Seine River? Thanks to VR Fitness, you can do all these without leaving your home. Although still in its infancy, this type of next-generation workout is showing no signs of slowing down as new developments continue to be released. Like Just Dance, VR Fitness like Thrill of the Fight will allow you to record your sessions so you can showcase your moves and progress on social media.

High-Intensity Resistance Training

Familiar with High-Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT)? You may also like High-Intensity Resistance Training, or HIRT for short, that’s predicted to dominate fitness trends in 2022. As the name suggests, this involves short yet intense resistance training exercises such as band and bodyweight exercises or those that use traditional dumbbells. This overloads your muscles and increases your heart rate, providing a short yet effective workout for increasing strength.

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