Review: Will This Hair And Makeup Makeover Give You A Glow-Up?

Pamper yourself

Craving to try a new look? Or has stress gotten you feeling a little down lately? If you've been waiting to have a full-on pamper session, why not try making an appointment for a beauty makeover? Leading hair care brand GOLDWELL — under Japan-grown Kao Salon Division — has launched its Newance by Topchic hair colours range and teamed up with Japanese beauty brand KANEBO to create a bespoke makeover treat for its customers. Why stop at a hair makeover when you can have that and a professional makeup session in one appointment?

To see if the new dyes will cover her grey hair and not irritate her scalp, avid hair dyer and #TeamClozette Integrated Solutions Manager Soo Sin gave the treatment a whirl. Since she also wanted to try a new makeup look, this was the perfect opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Read on to know more about her makeover experience at Backstage Hair Salon at Killiney Winsland House in Singapore.

*The service was given as a press gift. The views and opinions of the reviewer are independent and purely editorial.

First impressions and claims

Trying the GOLDWELL Newance by Topchic hair colour in salon

You can try out the new Newance by Topchic hair colours at participating GOLDWELL salons.

As a 35-year-old who self-dyes her hair every five to six weeks, Soo Sin isn't unfamiliar with hair colouring. She goes to the salon for regular touch-ups, around two to three times a year, so she’s familiar with professional colouring treatments too. However, her sensitive scalp gets easily irritated by strongly formulated dyes. Will the GOLDWELLNewance by Topchic hair colours be the solution to her hair and scalp woes?

The new hair colour range is designed to provide the ideal colour intensity, transparency, and lightness that seamlessly blends with grey hair. It's made with camellia seed oil to moisturise and protect hair fibres for smoother, softer hair strands post-colouring. The creamy, low ammonia formula is gentle to your mane too.

Aside from the moisturising, low-ammonia formulas, the variety the range offers also interested Soo Sin. "It comes with a good range of sophisticated fashion brown hues and comes with interesting brown tones like ash, matte, pink and pearl brown too," she shared.

Session highlights

Before and after applying the GOLDWELL Newance by Topchic hair colour

Grey hairs, begone! The Newance by Topchic hair colour covered Soo Sin’s grey hairs with a natural-looking reddish-brown tone.

One of the things you can expect during the makeover is a consultation with a stylist on the colour you want. Soo Sin's stylist recommended a reddish-brown tone that brightens and complements her skin tone.

Once the Goldwell Newance by Topchic hair colour was applied, Soo Sin noticed that she didn't feel a "burning sensation" or itch that she typically experiences with harsh dyes due to her sensitive scalp. "It didn't have a strong ammonia scent either," she noted.

Trying the KANEBO Spring/Summer 2021 makeup collection

KANEBO’s Spring/Summer 2021 makeup collection with some GOLDWELL hair treatments.

To celebrate the launch of its new hair colour range, GOLDWELL teamed up with KANEBO to showcase the makeup brand's Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The collection consists of eyeshadow and face palettes with classic pinks and taupes that you can use to create a natural beauty look.

Due to current social distancing restrictions, Soo Sin wasn't able to try the in-person makeover. However, she was able to bring home some KANEBO makeup products to use alongside the KANEBO virtual makeup experience. She followed the virtual makeup try-on to achieve a fresh, pastel-inspired look.

Final thoughts

GOLDWELL Newance By Topchic hair colour results

The fuss-free makeover got Soo Sin’s approval.

"I really like the final hair colour that Raye, the creative stylist from Backstage Hair Salon, recommended for me," Soo Sin shared. The reddish-brown colour really brightened up her appearance.

She also liked that her hair still felt soft, silky and healthy, days after getting it coloured. But is it also sensitive scalp-safe? "I will definitely recommend the hair colour range to my friends, especially those with sensitive scalp issues."

You can avail of the GOLDWELL Newance by Topchic hair colours and the KANEBO beauty makeover service in Singapore at all participating GOLDWELL salons for ~USD106.54 to ~USD150.62.

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