This Chocolate-Inspired Makeup Trend Is Taking Over The Internet

Perfect for autumn

We love how we can seek makeup inspiration from almost anything and everything around us — including our favourite food! Just think of the latte makeup trend and the strawberry girl makeup trends that have received plenty of love on TikTok. Now, a new food-inspired makeup trend is making its rounds on the WWW again: ‘Maillard makeup’ or as some like to call it, ‘chocolate makeup’ or ‘meat makeup’.

Chocolate makeup trend inspired by Xiao Hong Shu maillard makeup trend

Brown and caramel hues inspire this fall look.

What is the Xiao Hong Shu chocolate makeup trend?

There are a few terms this season’s makeup trend is known as, but its original name is the ‘Maillard makeup’ trend. Maillard is a cooking term which refers to the browning of food when cooked.

But that can be quite a mouthful to say, which is why people on the internet are referring to it as ‘espresso makeup’, ‘chocolate makeup’, or ‘meat makeup’. All of these essentially focus on using shades of brown and earth tones to create an entire look.

This trend is currently going viral on Chinese social media sites Weibo and Xiao Hong Shu. This trend is perfect for the fall season, hence many fashion and beauty lovers are rocking this look by adding caramel and reddish-brown hues with a hint of shimmer to their makeup.

@itsjennze This is the viral #小紅書 makeup look for fall!! Inspired by the maillard reaction when cooking hahaha!😅 products: @COSRX Official toner pads, @Drunk Elephant dew drops, @Charlotte Tilbury setting spray, @Hourglass Cosmetics arch brow pencil, @Laura Mercier caviar eye stick in cocoa, @NARS Cosmetics creamy concealer, @sephoracanada concealer brush 71, @Rare Beauty foundation brush, @Pat McGrath Labs powder, @urban decay moondust space cowboy, @Lancôme lash idole, @SHISEIDO synchroskin foundation #xhsmakeup #xiaohongshumakeup #fallmakeup #fallmakeuptutorial #makeuptutorial #falltrends #greenscreen ♬ Cafe / video cute lofi ♪ Chill(885831) - ImoKenpi-Dou

TikTok beauty content creator @itsjennze recreates the look. Her video has received over 400,000 views.

How to create this trending chocolate makeup look

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First, prep your skin as you would with your normal skincare routine. Then, apply your base (check out our oily skin-friendly recommendation here) and set it with your go-to setting spray for a flawless base.

Next, create soft, feathered brows for a more natural look (you might want to try this crowd-favourite eyebrow pencil). Unlike other makeup looks, the chocolate makeup trend doesn’t require structured brows.

Afterwards, use earthy browns for your eyeshadow and blend them out with your fingers for that natural, ‘Maillard’ effect. Use a warm golden brown shade for the lower lash line area. 

Enhance the eyes using eyeliner and make sure to draw tight lines on both the lower and upper lash lines for the aegyosal look. Try out these smudge-proof eyeliners if you have oily lids. Then, pop on a pair of natural-looking falsies to finish out the eye look.

Next, using a deep brown powder contour, sculpt your cheeks and nose, including the area close to your under eyes.

This part is where the chocolate makeup comes in full force: use a light brownish blush on the apples of your cheeks and layer it with an apricot hue of blush. Complete your blush with a rosy shade near your nose and on the lower part of your nose bridge. Add a white matte highlighter to the tip of your nose to finish it off.

Lastly, use a rosy brown lip liner and a warm orangey lippie towards the centre of the lip to complete the entire makeup look. 

What’s your favourite Chinese makeup trend?

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