Beyond K-Pop: 5 Best Beauty Moments By NewJeans’ Hanni

Gucci came through

NewJeans has made waves in the K-pop scene with their high-energy, addictive songs such as Super Shy, Ditto, Hype Boy, and more. Each of the members is shining in various ways, but for now, we’ll take a deep dive into Hanni Pham, Gucci Beauty’s newest ambassador. We’ve rounded up her five best beauty moments that showcase her unique style.

NewJeans Hanni for Gucci Beauty

So fresh, so clean. (Photo from: @newjeans_official)

But first, who is NewJeans’ Hanni?

Hanni is the 19-year-old singer, lyricist, and Vietnamese-Australian member of NewJeans. She was part of a K-pop dance cover group called AEMINA in 2019. In the same year, she passed the BigHit Global audition, became a trainee in 2020, debuted on 21 July 2022, and the rest was history.

Witness her stable vocals and sweet personality here.

She became a brand ambassador of Gucci just a few months after her group debuted. Now, her role has expanded since she will be representing the Italian luxury brand’s cosmetics line as well.

The press release from Gucci Beauty shared, “As a member of the global sensation NewJeans, Hanni has garnered attention for her electrifying stage presence and distinctive sense of style. Her magnetic charisma, self-confidence, and genuine authenticity perfectly embody Gucci Beauty’s core values.”

This marks her second solo beauty brand deal after Armani Beauty.

NewJeans’ Hanni’s best beauty moments

You can categorise Hanni as one of the celebrities who can be the face of the “low visual weight” TikTok trend. If you have a low visual weight, it means you have softer features compared to those who belong to the “high visual weight” group. Harmonious natural-looking or subtle makeup looks suit you well too.

To enhance her features, Hanni’s wardrobe consists of elegant pieces such as the white dress she wore to the Chaumet event or the minimalist outfit she wore to the Gucci FW23 runway show. But she can also break free from the box and rock an all-pink ensemble and other colourful styles.

Now, let’s zoom into her best beauty looks so far.

1. Classic red lips for Gucci Beauty

Hanni is the star of the brand’s campaign for its latest launch: the Rouge à Lèvres Mat lipstick in 509 Rosso Ancora. It’s the House’s signature red shade which will be available soon online and in-store. 

For this look, she focused on the lip area and wore minimal eyeshadow and blush. Her maroon leather jacket matched perfectly with this look too. 

2. The edgy blonde “hime” hairstyle for Vogue Korea

Hanni effortlessly pulled off the hime hairstyle (you can learn more about this trend here) for her photoshoot for Vogue Korea. It brought out her round eyes and allowed her to explore a bolder vibe compared to her usual style that she has when NewJeans does their promotions for their music. She also had this same style when she attended the Gucci SS24 show in Milan.

3. Coral makeup look for Armani Beauty

NewJeans Hanni beauty looks

She's only getting started. (Photo from:

Hanni caught Armani Beauty’s attention last year and was featured in campaigns for the brand’s products such as the Power Fabric+ Foundation and the Lip Maestro Satin. According to the young star, she enjoys the brand’s colours which are “natural and easy to use”. For her first photos for the brand, she wore a dark coral shade for her lips and lightly dabbed the same shade on her eyes and cheeks.

4. Full bangs with long, framing strands for the Gucci photoshoot

It seems that Hanni can’t get enough of face-framing hairstyles, and we’re here for it! The strands on the sides of her face complement her rosy, delicate cheeks. She can wear it long and straight past her shoulders like in the photoshoot above or short and curled as you’ll see in her next look.

5. The “drunk blush” makeup look

Sugar and spice. (Photo from: @newjeans_official)

Flushed, pink-hued cheeks — which characterise the “drunk blush” trend — became one of NewJeans’ signature looks since the group’s debut. Hanni rocked the trend and used a glossy shade for her lips and clumped her eyelashes which brought out her youthful glow. You might also know this as the Igari makeup look which is its Japanese counterpart (you can learn more about it here). 

Which look do you think suits her best?

(Cover photos from: @newjeans_official, @gucci)

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