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This article was first published on 4 August 2022.

Rebonding is a hair treatment that peaked in popularity around the mid-2000s to early 2010s. It uses thermal straightening to tame even the frizziest and curliest of locks, creating permanent sleek and smooth hair (before it naturally grows out, of course). However, its most popular style a.k.a. ‘classic rebonding’ has the tendency to look extra flat, since the aim is to straighten even the most stubborn hair kinks without necessarily retaining body or volume. That’s where ‘soft rebonding’ comes in.

What is soft rebonding

Not a fan of classic rebonding? Soft rebonding is your answer.

But first, how does rebonding work?

Rebonding uses chemicals and heat to ‘rebond’ or ‘restructure’ the keratin molecules in your hair to align them. Depending on the strength of the chemicals and the procedure itself, it usually results in straighter-than-naturally-straight hair (especially if it’s classic rebonding). The results of rebonding are permanent and you either have to get your hair re-treated (not advised, of course) or naturally grow it out to cancel it out.

What is soft rebonding?

Soft rebonding is a type of hair straightening procedure that has a similar effect to classic rebonding when it comes to taming any frizz or dealing with curls. However, instead of stick-straight results, this procedure ends with a softer, more natural-looking finish.

How is soft rebonding achieved?

This procedure is achieved using milder straightening lotions compared to classic rebonding. The processing time is also shorter than classic rebonding (still dependent on your hair length and thickness) to ensure that the chemicals used wouldn’t hold on to the strands too strongly and that the heat won’t restructure your keratin bonds completely.

Who is soft rebonding suited for

Soft rebonding gives the benefits of classic rebonding but achieved with less harsh techniques.

Who is soft rebonding suited for?

People with naturally straight hair who would like to bring back their hair’s shine or get rid of too much frizz perfectly suit soft rebonding. Those with medium-wavy hair can also benefit from this procedure if they opt for straighter, tamer yet still voluminous-looking strands.

However, people with thick hair or naturally big curls better opt for classic rebonding. This is because the weaker chemicals used in soft rebonding wouldn’t have much effect on strands that have a more complex keratin bond structure.

It’s also not advised for people with significantly damaged hair that’s fried from colouring or other hair treatments because chemicals used in rebonding — classic or soft — are still strong enough to create further hair damage for brittle hair.

How to care for your hair after soft rebonding

1. Avoid washing your hair 72 hours after the treatment is done

The chemicals used to soft rebond your hair need time to ‘cook’ post-procedure, usually for 72 hours. Wetting your hair right after getting rebonded will affect how the chemicals ‘bite’ into your locks to keep them straight and might result in permanent-looking kinks or frizz. Should you wish to shower, secure a shower cap over your head before you proceed.

2. Avoid sweat-inducing activities

Just like showering, activities that might cause your hair and scalp to be exposed to sweat and oil should also be avoided. Again, this is to prevent any kind of excessive moisture to mess with how the chemicals are working their way into your strands to achieve the desired results.

Soft rebonding aftercare

Straight but not stick-straight locks? It’s possible.

3. Take a break from hair accessories

Just like other types of rebonding, people are not advised to tie their hair or put clips at least a month post-treatment (seek your hairdresser’s advice). Doing so just when your hair is freshly treated might add ‘dents’ to your newly straightened hair.

4. No swimming in pools or saltwater for at least two weeks post-rebonding

Chlorine and saltwater will also mess up the chemistry in your newly rebonded hair and might even cause damage that will impair the quality of your soft rebond. As much as possible, hold off on any urge to swim in pools or saltwater for at least two weeks to avoid any harsh results.

5. Level up your haircare routine

Even if your newly rebonded tresses look glossy and less frizzy, they still need some extra love to help maintain their shine. You can go for hair oils or anti-frizz products to keep the quality of your soft rebonding in its top shape.

Where to get soft rebonding in Singapore?

1. Leekaja Beauty Salon

This beauty salon has over 200 esteemed branches across the globe, all ensuring quality service for you and your locks. Their garden-inspired interiors are perfect for anyone seeking this hair treatment with extra pampering and relaxation in mind.

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #03-13 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238867

Contact details: +65-8133-0818

2. Picasso Hair Studio

This hair studio offers a variety of soft rebonding services that allow you to get the most volume, bounce, and style that's best fit for your hair type and face shape. Their salon experts are also known for dealing with even the most stubborn tresses so your hair woes will surely be handled with much care.

Address: 662 North Bridge Road Singapore 188798

Contact details: +65-6291-0691

3. TEAM Salon

Dealing with frizz that seems to ruin your hair's natural shine and volume? TEAM Salon's soft rebonding service is known for delivering amazing results that look natural, bouncy, and healthy, restoring your crowning glory to its best form. They also make sure their services are up to the latest trends, allowing you to be spoilt for options for whatever you have in mind for your makeover.

Address: Various locations.

Soft rebonding studios in Singapore

Visit these hair studios to get your soft rebond makeover ASAP.

4. Hair Studio Flamingo

Are you aiming for locks patterned after your favourite Asian drama heroine? Leave your hair to this studio's trusty experts. Not only will they make sure your soft rebonding experience is at its best, they will also assist you from start to finish to make sure you're getting care befitting of your hair type and personal style. 

Address: 7 Neil Rd, Singapore 088807

Contact details: +65-8726-2116

5. DuSol Beauty Salon

This salon's all-Korean styling team promises stellar consultations and hair services to help revive your locks. They offer different soft rebonding services that can be tweaked for what's best suited to your needs. 

Address: 10 Sinaran Dr, Novena Square 2 #03-73/76, Singapore 307506

Contact details: +65-6397-6560

Singapore salons offering soft rebond

Will you be booking your soft rebond session soon? 

6. Do.My.Hair Salon

This salon uses amino acid-based treatment from Japan called algana to give your hair a smoother, shinier appearance that lasts up to six months. This also softens and repairs your strands for healthier and stronger hair. 

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #04-13. Singapore 238896

Contact details: +65-9722-8268

7. ChezVous HideAway

ChezVous' Advante Water Soft Rebonding treatment uses 'water as a pre-restorative treatment' to strengthen, repair, and protect the hair before the actual rebonding process starts. This 'water' contains 18 types of amino acids that help tame and restore each strand back to its former glory. 

Address: 391B Orchard Road Ngee Ann City Tower B #14-04, Singapore 238874

Contact details: +65-6732-9388 or [email protected].

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