Banish Acne-Related Emergencies With These 10 Pimple Patches

For skin emergencies

Remember that time when you woke up and you have a big pimple that made its home on your face? It can be tempting to pop it, sure, but we all know it can lead to worse skin woes — infection and scarring included. The best way to stop the temptation and speed up the blemish’s disappearance? Pop on an acne patch.

Also known as hydrocolloid patches, these stickers are designed to absorb any pus and sebum from blemishes, "drying them out", while also preventing bacteria and other environmental aggressors from further irritating your problem skin. Once the patch has a milky white or yellow colour, that's the time to remove it and change to a new one. Prone to breakouts, especially maskne? Here are some of the best acne patches you can find in Singapore, in case you need one stat!

CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch

The holy grail of pimple patches, the CosRx Acne Pimple Master Patch (SGD5.90) has a thin film that's almost unnoticeable when worn. One packet contains 24 pieces of hydrocolloid patches in three different sizes so it can cover blemishes big and small. Plus, it's also very light on the pocket. Win-win!

Watsons Acne Patch

Watsons also has acne patches (SGD4.50) that can help with any pimple-related emergencies. They're pretty thin — only 0.04mm — and waterproof, so they can help keep major spots hidden and protected during the day.

Mentholatum Acnes High Oil Absorbent & Anti-Bacterial Invisibly Thin Acne Patch for Day

It comes as no surprise that acne-care brand Mentholatum Acnes has its own pimple patches (SGD7.80). They contain an anti-bacterial ingredient called chlorhexidine acetate to neutralise pimple-causing nasties, while hydrocolloid technology absorbs the oil and pus from blemishes.

Rooki Mission Critical Acne Patch

Want to turn breakouts into something more positive? Pop on the heart-shaped Rooki Mission Critical Acne Patch (SGD18). These hydrocolloid patches come in three different sizes and cute pink colours but work as effectively as the other no-nonsense patches on this list.

3M NEXCARE Acne Patch with Tea Tree Oil

The Nexcare Acne Patch (SGD9.90) combines hydrocolloid technology with another potent pimple fighter: tea tree oil. The combination helps neutralise acne-causing bacteria and absorb the popped blemish, all without drying the skin.

CNP Anti-Blemish Spot Patch

K-beauty brand CNP has the Anti-Blemish Spot Patch (SGD36) that contains pore-declogging salicylic acid and antimicrobial tea tree oil to soothe inflammation and speed up skin healing. The fragrance-free patches were also designed to let your skin "breathe" and protect it from any contaminants that may infect the open skin wounds.

Some By Mi 30 Days Miracle Clear Spot Patch

Some By Mi calls its Miracle Clear Spot Patch (SGD5.50) quasi-hydrocolloid patches, so these are better used when your blemish has popped and started its healing process. It prevents secondary infection from external factors and keeps the healing skin moist to prevent scarring.

Acropass Trouble Cure Acne Patch

The Acropass Trouble Cure Acne Patch (SGD19.90) has microneedles that superficially pierce the skin to allow its inflammation-soothing formula that’s made of palmitoyl oligopeptide, niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate to better absorb into your skin. Each box also contains skin cleansing wipes to prep your skin for applying the pimple patch.

Oxy Antibacterial Acne Patch

If you're looking for a very thin pimple patch that's almost undetectable on your skin, you might want to try the Oxy Antibacterial Acne Patch (SGD7.80) ASAP. This super-thin hydrocolloid patch, which contains chlorhexidine acetate, is only 0.02cm thick and semi-transparent too, so it works its magic under the radar.

Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots With Salicylic Acid

Now, the Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots With Salicylic Acid (SGD33) may seem quite pricey but you actually get four sheets of 12 dots in every box. Each blemish sticker has a gel that’s infused with antibacterial ingredients, including salicylic acid and tea tree oil, to help shrink oncoming blemishes and stop bacteria from spreading.

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