Got 30 Minutes? Try This Fun & Quirky Stress-Relieving Hair Ritual

Unwind with Bear Fruits Hair Masks Treatment

The lines between work and play are often blurred as most of us continue to work from home. However, it’s important that we carve out time — even just a good half hour — towards taking care of ourselves. On this note, we’ve put together a 30-minute routine that you can easily try at home to help you feel more relaxed and recharged. The best part? You’ll get to nourish and pamper your tresses at the same time with the help of Bear Fruits’ 30-minute Hair Mask Treatment. 

Step 1: Put on your Bear Fruits Hair Mask Treatment

A good hair day keeps bad vibes away, so make a note to treat your tresses to a hair mask whenever you can. Beyond your go-to shampoo and conditioner, applying a hair mask on a regular basis ensures that your hair is kept in its strongest, happiest and healthiest state.

Specially designed to penetrate deeper into the hair and nourish it from within, this pampering beauty treat restores the beauty of your crowning glory especially if it’s been damaged and weakened to environmental aggressors, such as the sun and air pollution. 

Ready to kick start your stress-relieving ritual? Release tension with a DIY scalp massage as you shampoo your hair. Consider applying a little pressure on your head using your fingertips and move them around your scalp in circular motions as this can help to improve blood circulation in your head and neck area too. 

Woman with Bear Fruits Flamingo Hair Mask Treatment

Put your stress on pause with Bear Fruits’ Hair Mask Treatment, which deeply conditions your hair in just 30 minutes. Bear Fruits Flamingo Smooth Soft Hair Mask & Hair Cap, SGD14.90  

Next comes the fruitilicious, fun part: Applying the Bear Fruits Hair Mask Treatment! This quirky at-home hair treatment is fun and easy to use, hence it’s the perfect work-from-home companion whenever you need a breather from chasing deadlines. Plus, you won’t even need to step out of your home to enjoy this relaxing hair treatment experience. 

The Bear Fruits Hair Mask Treatment lineup features six variants that thoughtfully cater to different hair needs, so be rest assured that there’ll be one that will suit your mood and vibe. There’s the all-time-favourite Flamingo hair mask that helps to smoothen and soften your hair. Otherwise, don’t miss out on the Strawberry hair mask too that’s designed to detangle unruly hair and give them extra shine.

Six different variants of Bear Fruits Hair Mask Treatment

(Left to Right) Bear Fruits Hair Masks in Flamingo, Grapefruit, Pineapple, Strawberry, Coconut, and Avocado. SGD14.90 each.

Here’s how to apply your Bear Fruits Hair Mask Treatment properly: first, use a towel to soak up the excess water. Then, squeeze the hair mask product onto your hands and apply it evenly on your hair from the roots to the tips. Finally, twist your hair into a loose knot to keep them in place and snap on the reusable hair cap.

Take a few selfies if you wish to — anything goes as long as you have fun! As you let the deep conditioner mask work its magic for the next 30 minutes, continue your stress-relieving ritual with these next steps.

Step 2: Attempt the latest TikTok lip-sync challenge

  Woman smiling in front of phone with Bear Fruits Flamingo Hair Mask Treatment

Our favourite nostalgia-inducing song to lip-sync to? “No Scrubs” by TLC.
Bear Fruits Flamingo Smooth Soft Hair Mask & Hair Cap, SGD14.90 

Before you dismiss this as a silly fad, hear us out: singing is proven to be an effective stress reliever, hence, lip-syncing to your favourite songs may just make you feel happier and less anxious. With your Bear Fruits hair mask on, it’ll make the experience all the more fun too. 

Step 3: Get your chew on and LOL to a comedy podcast

  Woman laughing while using phone with Bear Fruits Hair Flamingo Hair Mask Treatment

Snack away and laugh to your heart’s content.
Bear Fruits Flamingo Smooth Soft Hair Mask & Hair Cap, SGD14.90 

Chewing on your food loudly may be frowned upon in certain cultures, however, it turns out that the act of consciously working food in your mouth using your teeth may just help you to cope better with stress. Why not let loose in the comfort of your home by snacking on a few healthy bites? Crunch away to a bowl of sliced fruits and nuts, or reach for kale chips if you’re craving something savoury. 

While you’re at it, put on the latest comedy podcast and laugh out loud too. Laughter’s the best “medicine” as it triggers healthy physical and emotional changes in the body while protecting you from the damaging effects of stress. You won’t need to feel conscious about your chuckling noises too since you’re spending your time safely indoors. 

Step 4: Rinse and reveal your relaxed, revitalised self

For the final step of your quirky and fun stress-relieving hair ritual, gently remove your Bear Fruits reusable hair cap and give your hair a thorough rinse using cold or lukewarm water. Then, squeeze any excess water from your hair using your hands and pat dry with a towel. By now, your tresses should smell spectacular as well as feel silky soft and smooth to the touch  — thanks to the nourishing, hair-loving benefits of Bear Fruits’ Hair Mask Treatment. Voila! Less stress, pretty tresses that’ll keep you happy and glowing all-day. 

Ready to give your tresses the fruity, fabulous glow-up they deserve? Get your paws on Bear Fruits Hair Mask Treatments at Watsons and Guardian today.

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