This Just In: Skincare Is The New Trend In Hair Care

Recharge With Lux Luminique

We all put a premium on what we apply on our skin so that it remains soft, smooth, supple and healthy. But — hear us out! — what if we do the same for our hair? The world of beauty is always abuzz with skincare trends and haircare has now jumped in on the trend! It’s time to give your hair the skincare treatment it deserves with the latest Lux Luminique Moist Charge series.

Instantly give your hair a surge of hydration with hyaluronic acid. In skincare, it’s often used in moisturising products because it can retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water. In haircare, well, it can do the same. ​Hyaluronic Acid is also a natural component in skin, which enables it to penetrate cells deeply with moisture. Due to UV and chemical damage, hair tends to lose its silkiness throughout the day. With the unique properties of Hyaluronic Acid, it ensures that moisture is sealed well into hair. You'll be saying hello to hair that's free from frizz and dryness in no time.
This silicone-free range also has a unique blend of three different nourishing oils that are great for your tresses — jojoba, avocado and marula.

Jojoba oil repairs damaged hair, promotes shine, and contains nourishing vitamins that strengthen the hair and prevent hair fall.

Marula oil has vitamin C and oleic acid that locks in the hair’s moisture. It also has antimicrobial properties that keep scalp issues at bay.

Avocado oil makes your hair soft and smooth while keeping it free from breakage.

Despite being enriched with oils, Lux Luminique Moist Charge won’t make your hair feel and look overly greasy!
Aside from keeping your hair looking and feeling fresh and smooth, it will help it smell that way too. Inspired by luxury perfumes, Lux Luminique Moist Charge series has an elegant blend of decadent fruits — blackcurrant and apricot — enveloped in a delicate jasmine and osmanthus floral heart.

For its base, it has notes of luxurious amber, patchouli and vanilla. Forgo the perfume! You won’t need it after a rejuvenating shower with this scent on your hair that fades pleasantly throughout the day.
Lux Luminique, Japan’s no. 1 haircare brand, takes the fuss out of ensuring your hair stays healthy, smooth and with a refreshing fragrance. With its multi-sensorial and rich creamy lather, achieving great hair with the help of Lux Luminique takes two simple steps:

Cleanse without stripping away moisture with the Lux Luminique Moist Charge Shampoo that’s packed with nourishing ingredients. Then, enrich it with the Lux Luminique Moist Charge Treatment for hair that’s healthier than ever.

Skincare for your hair? It’s easy and it’s here. The Lux Luminique Moist Charge range is available at all major retailers at SGD16.90 each. Try out this instant recharge of moisture for your hair today!

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