Building Hair Confidence Towards A Positive Self-Image

With Head & Shoulders

Very often, the word “confidence” is carelessly articulated during discussions about self-image and empowerment. But while the word can easily be uttered, actually having that confidence can be a challenge. It’s true: there are a lot of factors at play. Still, confidence is not impossible to attain and own. With the help of Malaysian and Singaporean content creators Grace Choong and Sherly Ng – and Head & Shoulders – here are a few ways to ensure you can be confident from head to toe.

Embrace good hair days

No, really. How we look can be directly related to how we feel about ourselves. Sherly shares: “I really feel that good haircare is very important to ensure that most of my days (if not every day) will be truly good hair days. This way, I can say goodbye to the ‘fake it till you make it’ statement and feel fully confident.”

Meanwhile, for Grace: “When having interactions with people, my face becomes the centre of one’s attention and the hair is a visible part of it. On a day where my hair is well washed and properly groomed, it genuinely helps me to feel better about myself.”

Good hair days are not a myth, according to a psychologist. So putting a little more effort into making your hair look good will definitely pay off. To start, make sure your hair is dandruff-free. But remember to be gentle with it to keep it nourished and smooth. For this, get the help of tried-and-true products like the Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Made with luxurious Moroccan Argan Creme, this duo keeps hair moisturised while cleaning it thoroughly while keeping it moisturised and luscious. They also have a floral perfume that keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

Look within — or seek outside

They say confidence comes from within. But we should not discount the fact that there are different ways people cope with bad days to motivate themselves to get that surge of confidence back. For Sherly, it helps to be surrounded by people. “I’ll start chatting up my friends and meeting them up to catch up,” she says. Meanwhile, for Grace, reminding herself of her goals is the way to go. “By constantly checking on my progress and potential improvements, I am motivated and happy that I’m getting closer to my goals every day.”

Get on your feet

Sometimes, finding that confidence means setting foot in a different place. Getting away from the usual grind can definitely encourage you to see things from a new perspective, says Sherly. “Going on holidays gets my mind off work and I’m focused on exploring the city that I’m heading to,” she adds. But if that’s not on the cards for you, moving your body can be enough. “Once I begin exercising and I feel the momentum kicking in, the end result makes me feel contented. Rather than lying around procrastinating and feeling sorry for myself, I feel like I have accomplished something,” Grace shares.

Start amping up your hair confidence. Get Head & Shoulders Supreme in Singapore here and in Malaysia here.

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