Trucker Hats & Other Puzzling Y2K Styles Seen On Celebs

Thoughts on their ‘fits?

ICYDK, the Y2K aesthetic is very much alive and well, especially seeing how our favourite celebs have been rocking fun, noughties-inspired trends in their on-screen and off-duty looks.  

While we agree that most of the era’s key fashion items such as the pleated skirt and colourful sunnies rightfully deserve their comeback, we also reckon that some of them ought to stay right where they belong — in the noughties. Read on for our round-up of five puzzling Y2K aesthetic trends, as seen on celebrities from Dua Lipa and Becky G to Girls’ Generation’s Tae-Yeon and BLACKPINK’s Jennie. 

Trucker hat

Minimalistic baseball caps are an #athleisure essential. Trucker hats, not so much. Typically worn by truck drivers, ranchers and farmers, the trucker hat is also called a mesh cap or netback cap as its back crown is designed with plastic mesh for breathability. The accessory was a must-have during the ’00s after it was spotted on celebs such as Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. 

Fast forward to 2021, we see Dua Lipa embracing this Y2K aesthetic trend in one of the numerous vacation outfits she’s shared on Instagram. Her cropped tee and string bikini bottoms had caused a mini viral fashion moment. However, her trucker cap, which featured a cartoon ladybug print, also left fans wondering if it was time to retire the bucket hat in favour of this "gaudy"-looking accessory. Apart from Miss Lipa, other notable celebs that have embraced the trucker hat in 2021 include multi-hyphenate Rihanna and Gossip Girl 2021’s Whitney Peak. 

Velour jumpsuit

What’s the allure of velour tracksuits? We’re not quite sure, but they’ve been poised for a major comeback after reality television queen Paris Hilton starred alongside Kim Kardashian for the launch of the latter’s SKIMS Velour collection last October. The velour tracksuit used to be the go-to loungewear “uniform” for celebrities including Jennifer Lopez because it’s comfortable and it typically comes in a matching set.

In the present day, trendsetting fashionistas such as BLACKPINK’s Jennie showed off their #stayhome velour tracksuits too. The 25-year-old rapper and vocalist paired her grunge-style green outfit with a pair of glasses from Gentle Monster. What do you think of her look? 

Bedazzled crop top

Bedazzled tops are back in fashion (and we’re not ready). Headed right in the opposite direction of simple and minimalistic-looking shirts, this crop top demands attention and is designed to make a loud Y2K style statement. Popularised by Los Angeles-born casualwear brand Juicy Couture, “diamante” details were embraced by the likes of Paris Hilton and Kylie Jenner. 

Meanwhile, in the K-pop scene, Girls Generation’s Tae-Yeon fully embraced the Y2K aesthetic for the music video of her new single Weekend too. The singer was spotted in a belly chain from CHANEL, a matching baby pink hoodie and shorts set, and a bedazzled tube top from Juicy Couture. On set, Tae-Yeon also posed alongside nostalgia-inducing props, such as a cassette player, a scooter and a Von Dutch bowling bag. Was this a successful #throwback moment from Tae-Yeon? 

Printed bandana-bikini set

Turns out, top-to-toe prints aren’t passé anymore. From the look of things, we’re back to the “more means more” era, where psychedelic prints and rainbow hues reign supreme. On this note, petite American singer and actress Becky G debuted a full printed look recently, which included a bandana, a bikini set and a sarong skirt. Completing her outfit with coloured sunnies, Becky G’s look is reminiscent of what Destiny’s Child used to rock on the red carpet. P.S. Canadian actress and social media personality Nicole Williams English is a fan of this Y2K trend too.

Low-rise jeans

The wide-legged trouser made its way back into our wardrobes not too long ago. While its flared silhouette continues to be a hit among fashion go-ers, celebs have taken this trend up a notch (or lower a notch) by stepping out in baggy, low-rise trousers. Case in point? American actress Dove Cameron’s eye-catching ensemble above, which comprised a figure-hugging bustier top and a matching motorcycle jacket, as well as a pair of low-rise denim jeans. 

These belly-baring bottoms rose to popularity in the ‘00s and were worn by multiple celebrities including Britney Spears, Keira Knightley, and British fashion model Kate Moss. While this was regarded as a fun, stomach-baring fashion trend back in the days, members from the TikTok community have deemed this Y2K item “unappealing” as they believe it focused too much on the wearer’s body (read: thin and lean) as opposed to highlighting a particular fashion aesthetic or style. In short, it’s a step back for the body positivity movement. 

Which of these trends did you find the most puzzling? 

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