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Can you believe it's been 16 years since Lizzie McGuire wrapped up? This was the series (and movie!) that made us sing along to The Tide Is High and What Dreams Are Made Of, gave us iconic lines ("Lizzie McGuire, you are an outfit repeater!") and relatable teenage icons. Speaking of which, we wonder where the Lizzie McGuire cast is now almost two decades after the last episode of this iconic '00s tween series aired. Quench your curiosity below.

Hilary Duff now owns a house with a chicken coop

While the fate of the anticipated Lizzie McGuire reboot is uncertain, one thing is for sure — its star is thriving in her personal life. Hilary Duff just gave a house tour with Architectural Digest and we're green with envy. The former Disney teen star showed everyone her furniture finds (with some sharpie marks courtesy of her kids), art collection, vegetable garden and chicken coop. Don't worry, she won't slaughter the little chickens, she just plans to source eggs from them.

Aside from showcasing her beautiful house, she also opened up recently on her frustrations at being typecasted and coming to terms with her Lizzie McGuire legacy. "It just doesn’t annoy me any more when people refer to me as Lizzie McGuire or say that was my biggest role because it paved the way for all the other roads I’ve been able to take," she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK. We're so glad to hear that! Also, greet this lady a belated happy birthday as she just turned 33 last Monday.

Adam Lamberg now works at the Irish Art Center

In case you're unsure, Adam Lamberg is the guy on the left.

Admit it, Gordo is that guy best friend we all wished we had growing up. He was sweet and always had Lizzie's back — minor detail: he had a little crush on her. However, Lizzie and Gordo convinced us that falling for a friend isn't such a bad idea. After making us swoon onscreen, Adam Lamberg pursued academic endeavours and got a Bachelor's degree in Geography at UC Berkeley and a Master's degree in Public Administration at Baruch College. After graduating, he worked at the Irish Arts Center for eight years and was promoted as a Development Officer in 2015. But soon, you might just see Lamberg back on the limelight as Gordo if the reboot will push through.

Lalaine is keeping it low-key

Lizzie's fierce best gal is one of the most memorable characters in the series because of her outspoken persona and distinguishing look. Although she had few appearances in the latter episodes and was missing from the movie, you can't deny that she made her mark thanks to Lalaine's acting skills. Her personal life growing up, however, was very far from the idyllic vibe of the show she starred in. She recently revealed that she was forced to "look white" growing up. She also was arrested for drug possession in 2007 and has since shied away from the public view except for a few cameos like in Easy A (2010) and some of Shane Dawson's videos. Even now, Lalaine keeps her Instagram account private. However, like Adam Lamberg, you can also expect to see Lalaine again in the Lizzie McGuire reboot.

It's worth mentioning, though, that just in case Lalaine won't come back, Sophie Turner (yes, as in Game of Throne's Sansa) is more than willing to take the role.

Ashlie Brillault is now a lawyer

Frenemy Kate Sanders wasn't easy to hate and that's partly because Ashlie Brillault did a good job humanising this resident mean girl. For a time, it seemed like Brillault would go on to star in other shows or movies just like Hilary did. Where's this cast member of Lizzie McGuire now? She pursued a new career path and is now a criminal defence attorney and a partner at the Law Offices of David Givot. Sadly, she might not be reprising her role due to her busy schedule. Although she did join the virtual reading reunion and she's looking as good as ever.

Clayton Snyder is already engaged and working in real estate

Sorry to be the one to break it to you but the series heartthrob is now engaged to actress Allegra Edwards, who appeared in Modern Family (2016), Friends from College (2017) and Orange Is the New Black (2017). After playing Ethan Craft, Lizzie's high school crush, Clayton Snyder attended college and became a water polo athlete. These days, he's working as a real estate agent for Keller Williams Realty in California. To be honest, with those good looks we can't help but picture him making a cameo in Netflix's Selling Sunset, a reality series about — you guessed it — real estate agents.

Jake Thomas is working as a photographer

Believe it or not, Jake Thomas who played Lizzie's pesky little brother is now 30 years old and is working as a photographer. However, he never stopped acting and has landed roles in several projects like CSI Miami (2009) and House (2009). He's one of the original cast who will also reprise his role. It would be so interesting to see how he would play the once-annoying Matt McGuire now that he's all grown up. 

Now that you know where the cast of Lizzie McGuire is now, which ones surprised you the most? 

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