Creative Ways To Celebrate Special Occasions While In Quarantine

Savour happy moments

Because of the sudden spread of the pandemic, a lot have had to cancel their pre-planned major celebrations. Many have postponed their weddings, cancelled the bookings for their anniversary trips, and so on just to help stop the spread of the virus. And now that we're all basically in lockdown to flatten the curve, a number of smaller (but nonetheless still very special) occasions have also been affected. If you're one of the people affected by this occurrence, it's natural to feel quite bummed and lonely. After all, celebrating life is a way of savouring positive experiences, thereby improving our overall well-being and strengthening our relationships with people, according to the research of various social psychologists. But don't let the physical isolation stop you from enjoying your special moments. Ahead, we list down creative ways to celebrate during the quarantine.

Set up a video call party

That's right — video call apps aren't only there so you could use them for your work conference calls. If you're an April baby, you can use Zoom or even the Houseparty app so you can still enjoy your day with your friends. Celebrating your birthday is important as it helps the celebrant feel better and more loved, according to a study. Even if you're all cooped up in your respective homes, feel everyone's presence by doing activities together. Preparing the same meal together through a cook-off, playing fun card games online, creating a shared playlist, and belting out together in a virtual karaoke party are just some fun ways to celebrate during the quarantine. Oh, and of course, don't forget to dress up and DIY your party decor to get into the festive spirit.

Livestream the occasion

For bigger affairs where you want to share your special moment, but not necessarily require to actually be involved in the event, you can set up a live stream instead. Take notes from this Singapore-based couple who, having returned from China last January, decided not to attend their own wedding. Instead, while their guests are gathered together in a banquet hall, they set up a live stream where they broadcasted their speeches and toasts, the New York Post reported. Of course, we can't do such gatherings anymore now that the situation has worsened. But you can still opt to live stream to your friends and relatives if, say, you're pushing ahead with your wedding ceremony or simply renewing your vows. Just remember to tweak your privacy settings if you're live streaming through YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope, so only the people you really want to witness can watch.

Play a game

Virtual Anniversary from r/AnimalCrossing

Another way to celebrate special occasions while in quarantine is playing a game with the people you want to celebrate it with. To actually enjoy the moment with them, play video games with online multiplayer modes so you can have fun together in-game. Many have been turning to life simulation game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, playable on Nintendo Switch, to commemorate their birthdays, weddings, and so on. Just look at how this Reddit user celebrated their anniversary on their fully customised getaway island through the game. Cute and romantic, isn't it? You can also set up your event on sandbox games like Minecraft or those who love action can get imaginative with multiplayer options of role-playing games like Monster Hunter: World, and many more.

Host a party on your balcony

Those friends with their neighbours or would really just love to celebrate with the world can throw a party on their balcony. See how this couple in Miami held the gender reveal of their baby on the veranda of their condo. As you can see, they still went all out with prep to best enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. They announced the coming of their daughter by popping a pink-coloured party popper and decorated their place with streamers and balloons. To amp up the fun, lively music (played within community guidelines, of course) is a must-have. This will surely make the moment extra memorable, and it'll surely bring smiles to the people around you as well.

Don't let the loneliness and anxiety brought about by the times dampen your special moments. Even if there are imperative issues that require our actions to be tailoured to what's happening around us, it's still important to reserve a portion of your time to celebrate the good we have in life, so that we may all have the strength to keep moving forward. Undoubtedly, the situation definitely calls for compromises, but just think outside the box and many ways to celebrate special occasions during quarantine will come to you. Perhaps, they might turn out to be even more fun than your usual celebrations.

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