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Virtual art appreciation

When was the last time you stepped foot in a museum? It may have been weeks or years, but no matter the timeframe, we can all agree that walking through an art exhibit is quite a peaceful experience. In fact, spending time in an art museum is an emotionally satisfying experience for a lot of people. A visit to a gallery gives you a break from your immediate worries. Being surrounded by art is also a good way to stay productive and inspired at work. The bad news is most museums are closed with the enhanced community quarantines and lockdowns. But don’t fret! There are museums that offer virtual tours of their collections for your enjoyment, without ever having to leave your house. Here are some of them.

The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (Takasaki, Japan)

If you’re interested in seeing the difference between Eastern and Western modern art, the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma has a collection that includes works by famous Western artists Claude Monet and Edvard Munch. Also included in this collection are works from artists born in Gunma such as surrealist Fukuzawa Ichiro, contemporary painter Yamaguchi Kaoru, and modern artist Tsuruoka Masao. Aside from these, they also have an assortment of ancient Japanese and Chinese art, contemporary art, and textiles. Need a short break from working? Take the virtual tour through their collection here.

National Gallery of Singapore

A little closer to home is the National Gallery of Singapore and its prized collection of over 8,000 works from the 19th and 20th centuries. They have exhibits featuring all forms of media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and video. Taking pride in having the world’s leading public collection of modern art from Singapore and Southeast Asia, the National Gallery Singapore continues to research and expand their collection while sharing the story of Singapore’s development and rich history. Treat your inner history nerd by viewing some of their pieces here.

Presidential Museum and Library, Manila

Take a walk through time with the relics of Philippine history inside the Presidential Museum and Library. Located at the Kalayaan Hall of Malacañan Palace, it’s home to astounding artworks that tell the rich political history of the Philippines. It’s usually accessible to the general public as well as official visitors and guests, but you can view the various sculptures and Presidential portraits through this virtual tour in the comfort of your home.

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

If you’re a fan of the tragic and brilliant artist Vincent van Gogh, you can peruse his vast body of work through an online tour. With a click of a mouse, you can get a very close look at the pieces in the world’s largest Van Gogh collection. It currently has over 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and more than 750 personal letters. You can view the collection here.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

To round off this list, we have the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy with one of the largest art collections in the world. It houses the art collection of one of the world’s most infamous families — the de’Medicis. The long halls are lit by big clear windows and lined by sculptures. A series of doors lead to connecting rooms containing paintings and portraits, including the works of Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Caravaggio. Wherever you are in the world, you can view pieces from this dynastic collection of ancient sculptures, artwork and artefacts through an online tour.

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