We Decode Billie Eilish's Teasers On Instagram

She's been dropping clues on Instagram Stories

Have you been keeping up with all the cryptic clues that Billie Eilish has dropped on Instagram? Every frame and flicker of the singer’s stories could carry a hidden message and her fans are happily dissecting these moments, hoping to predict her next big move. After much anticipation, Billie Eilish has finally confirmed that a new album is officially coming sooner than we think!

Read on as we attempt to decode the meaning behind her recent teasers on Instagram and decipher how they’re linked to her upcoming album release.

What’s up with Billie Eilish’s recent Instagram Stories?

Billie's stories have recently been a cryptic mix of personal snapshots, creative teases, and zoomed-in photos of what seems to be photos featuring dark blue hues. Did you catch all of these clues?

The first clue: ‘Drowning’ in water?

Billie Eilish’s cryptic Instagram story

Billie Eilish’s cryptic Instagram story. (Photo from: @billieilish)

It all started when Billie suddenly added all of her Instagram followers to her close friends’ circle. She also posted a bizarre zoomed-in photo of a person’s hand and it appears that the person is drowning underwater.

Earlier today (8 April), the singer released a video version of the same visual, highlighting the person who appears to be drowning. However, the video also captures the hands of another person — a man’s, we believe — attempting to save the main character. The video also features upbeat tunes in the background.

Could this be… A teaser of the title track on her upcoming album? What music genre do you think Billie Eilish's upcoming album will fall under? Her signature dark pop style or a fresher indie vibe?

The second ‘story’: a smile turned upside down?

Billie Eilish’s enigmatic selfie.

Billie Eilish’s enigmatic selfie. (Photo from: @billieilish)

The second photo shared with her close friends’ circle on Instagram is a zoomed-in photo of her eye, with a playful emoji in the centre.

Could this be… Her wish to convey her feelings of indifference and disappointment in relationships through the songs in her upcoming album?

Third time’s a charm?

Completing her tattoo Billie Eilish’s “& soft” tattoo.

Completing her tattoo Billie Eilish’s “& soft” tattoo. (Photo from: @billieilish)

Billie also posted another cryptic yet more personal Instagram story: A photo of a tattoo on her hips that says “& soft”. Given the placement of her new body art, it seems to be a continuation of her tattoo that says “hard”. We haven't seen the full image yet but it’s safe to say that her tattoo might read now as “Hard & Soft.”

Could this be… A hint that her upcoming album will showcase both her strength and vulnerability in relationships? Does the “& soft” tattoo also depict a softer lyricism in her future songs?

Fourth story: The title track of her upcoming album?

Cryptic clues from Billie Eilish.

Cryptic clues from Billie Eilish. (Photo from: @billieilish)

Billie also took to Instagram Stories to post two images. The first one seemed to follow a darker theme with the words “Hit Me” written in blue. The second photo highlighted the same words but with a lighter theme of black text in contrast to a white background.

Could this be… the title track of her album? Or might this be released as a special single? Given that there are two versions of the same title, could there also be a track in the works featuring a collaboration with another musical artist?

When is Billie Eilish's new album arriving? 

Billie Eilish’s teasers on Instagram Stories have given fans a playful glimpse of what we can expect from her upcoming album, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the Grammy Award-winning singer. Stay tuned to this space as the singer releases more information about her album, including the number of tracks, her collaborators, and if music videos are in the works. 

(Cover photos from: @billieilish)

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