Here's What We Know About The Long-Awaited TWICE Comeback

The ladies are back

It's really happening! TWICE is making a long-awaited comeback after releasing Feel Special in 2019 which topped international charts and won accolades at the 34th Golden Disc Awards. Considering the ongoing pandemic, fans were not expecting a comeback anytime soon so this was a pleasant surprise. 

The news was revealed in an online press conference for their upcoming YouTube Original series called TWICE: Seize the Light. Members teased viewers of a revelation. "There's something important at the end. You must watch until the end," Dahyun coyly said. At first, the members were just talking about their reactions to the series trailer and what subscribers can expect from the show, an eight-part documentary that will showcase a behind-the-scenes look during the girl group's first world tour. The show will reveal what happened backstage in Seoul, Bangkok, Manila, Japan, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles and more. It will also show some intimate interviews with each member as they recount the journey they took as a group. In case you missed it, the series will premiere today (29 April) at 10PM (HKT). 

At the end of the live stream, members stood up and Jihyo, the group's leader, finally revealed that they're gonna release an album complete with a music video on 1 June at 6PM (in KST time, which is one hour ahead of Manila, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur time). Yay! But it doesn't end there, the ladies teased fans even more by slowly revealing the title of the upcoming album letter by letter which was spelt out as More & More

Hints of what's to come came from Tzuyu, who said that the group is hoping to show the world a more mature side of TWICE. Can this mean some daring dance moves or perhaps more emphasis on vocal strength? We can't wait to know. 

There's also a noticeable difference in the beauty looks of the members. Jihyo is now sporting blonde hair which suits her energetic personality well; Tzuyu now has a more subtle look compared to her last appearance when she donned an ethereal mermaid-esque hairdo in Feel Special's MV; Momo's new bangs and chic medium-length haircut is super cute and refreshing; Dahyun went back to black hair after going for blonde and ashy hair colour tones; Nayeon cut her hair short and looks super sleek; Sana is slaying it with her pretty lob; Jeongyeon, on the other hand, grew out her hair; Chaeyong's hair is now a little funky with curls and fun highlights, a different sight from her usual sleek do and Mina also went for a strawberry blonde shade. These ladies can really work any look!

TWICE members' previous looks

There's no doubt that TWICE has really come a long way. From being the subject of controversy due to recruitment via a reality show to becoming international stars, they've proven that they can conquer the music arena with their charm and talent. We're so excited to see more (& more)!

(Cover photo from: @jypetwice_japan)

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