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While loving the women who raised us almost always comes naturally to us, we can't deny that we don't always understand our mums. They're human beings after all — each of them with distinct experiences, characteristics, and needs that we may or may not be privy to. So, to have a glimpse at some of the ordeals that greatly affect their life, why not turn to the small screen for some series that offer unseen perspectives of mothers? Appreciate your mum more by checking out these must-watch TV shows about motherhood.

Yakou Kanransha

For a suspenseful watch, check out Yakou Kanransha (Ferris Wheel at Night). Based on a best-selling novel, this J-Drama revolves around the two households in an elite neighbourhood whose lives turn for the worse when they're both embroiled in a murder. Aside from dealing with this shocking and traumatic incident, the two neighbouring mums also find themselves struggling to be good wives and good mothers to keep their family together. Combining mystery and drama, Yakou Kanransha strips down the image of a perfect family and succeeds in telling a story full of emotion and truth.

Reply 1988

With an ensemble cast featuring Girl's Day Hyeri, Ryu Joon Yeol, Go Gyung Pyo, Park Bo Gum, and Lee Dong Hwi, the hit tvN K-drama set in the '80s also follows the lives of five families living in a Seoul neighbourhood. Though separate, all act as an extension of one another, working hand-in-hand through good times and bad times. While the everyday hijinks of the kids from these households take centre stage, on the sidelines, Reply 1988 also gives its viewers a glimpse into the lives of their parents. Amusing scenes like the three mums' midday gossips will catch you off-guard, but make sure you have your tissues ready. Touching and heart-achingly real moments will undoubtedly move you to tears.

Workin' Moms

For more light-hearted TV shows about motherhood that still do justice to their experiences, Workin' Moms is a definite must-watch. Following four women trying to strike the balance between their careers and family, the Canadian sitcom gets really upfront and honest about motherhood in all its unglamorous aspects. Dealing with topics like mum guilt, breastfeeding, and post-partum depression, Workin' Moms stand to depict the reality of the experience all while deftly delivering hilarious punchlines. 

This Is Us

In case the aforementioned TV shows about motherhood haven't demonstrated it enough yet, family relationships can get quite complicated. This is again exemplified by the strained bond between mum Rebecca and her kids in American comedy-drama This Is Us. Told through a series of flashbacks and flashforwards in different time frames, the series' intense and emotional storylines will urge you to keep your mum and other loved ones closer. 

Once Upon A Time

Who says we have to stick to realism to accurately portray real human experiences? Let's not forget Once Upon A Time, which interweaved stories of fairy tale characters into a story about family and redemption. But more than the refreshing twist of its premise, the adventure series from ABC depicted different portraits of motherhood in its seven-season run. We see one sort of motherhood in the character of Emma Swan who reunites with the son she once gave up for adoption. In contrast to her experiences, there's also the Evil Queen, Regina, who gives up her devilish ways for the sake of her adopted son. 

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