Spotify Playlists To Cheer You Up During This Safe Distancing Season

Tune in to these happy beats

For some, life under the government's safe distancing measures may have become a little mundane. With nowhere to go, we have turned to cooking, video streaming, exercising and even cleaning to pass the time. Need a soundtrack to accompany you through your various stay-home activities? From trendy hits to fun throwbacks to underrated tunes, hit play and boost your mood with our recommended Spotify playlists.

For jamming with your folks: Feelin' Good

This retro playlist — with its collection of uplifting timeless tunes from the likes of Stevie Wonders, The Supremes, The Foundations — is something you can enjoy with your folks. How's this for trivial game night: try to name movies that feature these songs in the soundtrack. Take this opportunity to bond. Plus, nothing brings people together more than a good song.

For a thorough organising session: ghd UPBEAT Volume 01 by ghd

Looking for an updated music playlist? Check out this curation of ghd hair (yes, the hairstyling brand). Made up of the latest hits and mixed in with some throwback tracks from the last decade, it's a delightful mishmash of upbeat tunes that will keep your head bopping to the beat. Dare we say it's the perfect accompaniment while you sway your hips, get dustin' and get down to organising your vanity or work desk? Cleaning sessions have never been this fun.

For a dance challenge on TikTok: Dance Hits

It's gonna be a while till you're able to hit the clubs again. For now, once it's party o'clock — you decide when — convert your living room into a dance floor and practice your moves with the Spotify Dance Hits playlist. Then, attempt one of those Tiktok dance challenges. Dance off, improve your moves, and once this is over, you'll emerge as the dancing queen. 

For when you pretend to be a K-drama protagonist: Dalkom Cafe

Back when going out was still a thing, we would put on our earphones, strut down the sidewalk or look out the car window while stuck in traffic and be transported into our own world of K-dramas. Those days of daydreaming about your oppa are not over. Listen to this chill and uplifting Dalkom Cafe playlist, look out your bedroom window and let your imagination run wild. Unlike your body, let your mind go where it pleases.

For when you're feeling like a karaoke queen: 2000s Karaoke

So you think you can sing? Actually, who cares, right? Whether you have golden vocal cords or not, no one's there to judge you. Oh, don't count your family. We're sure they've seen you done more embarrassing things than sing like a screeching siren. Need a playlist to sing to your heart's content? We recommend the 2000s Karaoke playlist, with hits like Where Is The Love by Black Eyed Peas and Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavinge.

For spicing up your Zoom calls: This Is Spice Girls


Need more fun activity ideas for Zoom calls with your squad? Mix it up with a sing-along session, courtesy of hits from British girl band, Spice Girls. Friendship knows no bounds! Also, maybe you can use the time to discuss what zig-a-zig-ah actually means. 

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