Celebrate Pride By Tuning In To These Spotify Playlists

Tracks that empower

Though we can't march on the streets to show our Pride, we can still amplify the voices calling for acceptance and representation at home. How? Well, we can start by supporting artists and creators that are members and allies of the LGBTQI+ community. With Spotify launching their Amplify: Pride hub in 38 countries where Pride is celebrated, you can easily turn up the volume on tracks that empower and inform. In it, you'll find music and podcasts playlists whose cover art are marked with the Progress Flag that includes additional colours to the rainbow flag to better include marginalised communities. From compilations of classics to up-and-coming hits, here are Spotify playlists for Pride 2020 you can add to your library.

Out Now: Unlike Any Other

For this year's Pride month, Spotify makes it its mission to showcase the dynamic music of queer artists. And with that comes their flagship playlist Out Now: Unlike Any Other, featuring emerging and established artists from the LGBTQI+ community. Discover tracks worth your listen, and tune into gems created by acts like Panic! At The Disco, Halsey, Troye Sivan, Shea Diamond, and many more.

Pride Classics

For unforgettable tracks that inspire everyone to embrace their individuality, no matter what spectrum of the rainbow they fall in, check out the Pride Classics playlist. Featuring songs from iconic LGBTQI+ artists like Freddie Mercury of Queen, Elton John, and David Bowie, as well as equally fabulous hits from allies like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and P!nk, this Spotify playlist will surely give you a grand time celebrating this month.

Cosmic Playlists

If you're one who looks towards the stars for guidance, find Spotify playlists that correspond to each of the 12 astrological signs. In collaboration with astrologer Chani Nicholas, these monthly Cosmic Playlists, tailored this time to match the Pride 2020 celebrations, are curated with songs that reflect your sign's themes at the moment. With each accompanied by short readings, you'll definitely find songs that totally get you right now and perhaps one that would lead you to reflect and be inspired.

The House Of Twiggy Pucci Garcon

To celebrate the lasting mark of the iconic ball (also called drag ball) culture, Spotify worked together with Pose choreographer Twiggy Pucci Garcon, along with other important figures in the ballroom community like Jason Ozzie Ash and Jonovia Chase. For their The House of... playlist series, each of them has put together their personal faves to jam to. The underground ball subculture, sometimes called drag balls, emerged in New York as events where members of the LGBTQI+ community "walked" or competed in various performance categories, eventually becoming a haven for them to freely express themselves and defy gender norms.

LGBTQ+ Voices

The point of Pride Month celebrations is amplifying the sentiments of the community so they are better heard and finally recognised by all. Aside from listening to music that reflects their experiences, it'd also be great if we lend our ears to Spotify podcasts that discuss issues that remain relevant today. There are tons of Spotify playlists for informative podcasts like that. For one, there's LGBTQ+ Voices that feature hosts including Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang from Las Culturistas detailing the stories of the thriving community. We definitely urge you to tune in.

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