Song Hye Kyo's Back! Watch The New Drama's Trailer & Find Out Our Plot Predictions

A new K-drama fave in the making?

Hallyu queen Song Hye Kyo’s latest drama Now, We Are Breaking Up reportedly started filming last April. This is the actress’ comeback drama after 2018’s Encounter, which she co-starred in with Park Bo-Gum. Model-turned-actor Jang Ki-Yong — known for his roles in Go Back Couple and Come And Hug Me — was announced as Song Hye-Kyo’s leading man for the new drama, which is scheduled to air on 12 November 2021. 

Song Hye-Kyo will play the role of Ha Young-Eun, the design lead of a fashion company. She is described as a cold-hearted realist. Jang Ki-Yong, on the other hand, is freelance photographer Yoon Jae-Kook, whose personality is the complete opposite of Song Hye-Kyo’s character. Sounds interesting, right?

While we wait for this new Song Hye-Kyo drama, whose trailer has just been released (watch above!) here are our Now, We Are Breaking Up plot predictions.

The story will start with an enemies-turned-lovers trope

As soon as we read the character descriptions, we were sure Now, We Are Breaking Up would start with an enemies-turned-lovers trope. Ha Young-Eun will probably meet Yoon Jae-Kook in a circumstance outside of work. The encounter will irk her because of their contrasting personalities. However, as fate would have it, they’ll meet once again. Ha Young-Eun will snap at Yoo Jae-Kook at every opportunity while Yoon Jae-Kook will charm his way into her heart. Cliché? We love it anyway!

The two will be forced to fake-date

Taking a cue from the K-drama’s title, we’re guessing our leads will be forced to fake-date — but since they’re not in love (at least when the story starts), they’ll be at the brink of breaking up most of the time. Maybe an ex-lover from Ha Young-Eun’s past will pop up and that will force her to introduce Yoon Jae-Kook as her boyfriend. Or it can also be something work-related that’ll put them in this tight spot. Either way, we’re totally seeing this potential arc as a constant cause for comedy in Now, We Are Breaking Up’s plot.

Ha Young-Eun was once a hopeless romantic

As with every K-drama, the two leads will eventually get to know each other better. It’s not impossible that prior to being the cold-hearted realist she is now, Ha Young-Eun may have been a hopeless romantic. Someone in her past must’ve changed the way she views love, making her guarded when she is introduced to us. Maybe this is the person who will reappear that will lead to our predicted fake-dating scenario? Who knows!

Yoon Jae-Kook will be forced to choose between his passion and the family business

It’s not a K-drama without a male lead who’s close to perfection and Yoon Jae-Kook fits the bill. He’s got the looks, the fame, the talent, and the fortune — but the latter might actually pose a disadvantage to his character arc. We get the impression that he is someone really passionate about photography. But what if he was only given certain liberties for a limited time before he has to leave to be a successor to their family business? And — for an even bigger plot twist — what if his family owns the fashion company Ha Young-Eun works at? Now that’s something we’ll be even more excited to see.

One of Yoon Jae-Kook’s earliest photographs will be of Ha Young-Eun

We’ve never seen a romance K-drama where two leads do not share a past. That’s why we’re already anticipating a heart-fluttering revelation that Yoon Jae-Kook and Ha Young-Eun’s first meet-cute isn’t actually the first. Our bet goes to Yoon Jae-Kook browsing through his first photo collection (maybe while he’s reminiscing when he thinks he has to give it all up). He will then find a photo he took of Ha Young-Eun in the past (maybe when she was still a fashion intern in the company), making him realise that this was the photo that made him want to pursue photography further. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

We still have a long way to go before we find out if we got anything right. But whether or not we hit the bull’s eye on any of these plot predictions, it wouldn’t make us less excited to see Now, We’re Breaking Up. Are you as hyped as we are?

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