PSA: Here's Everything You Need To Know About SHINee's 2024 Schedule

They're continuing to shine

The K-pop group that debuted 15 years ago is looking as fresh as ever. SHINee’s back and is launching a three-night concert, comebacks, and more in 2024!

SHINee 2024 activities

These versatile artists are showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. (Photo from: @choiminho_1209)

SHINee: members, best songs

SHINee comprises members Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin, and Jonghyun (who sadly passed away in 2017). They’re known for being electrifying performers, for their experimental sound, their colourful fashion, and more. After Taemin's discharge from the military in 2023, the members can now prepare an exciting 2024 for SHAWOLs AKA SHINee World (the group’s fans).

Some of the group’s beloved and catchy songs include their debut song ‘Replay’ (2008), the earworm ‘Ring Ding Dong’ (2009), ‘Lucifer’ (2010), ‘Sherlock (Clue + Note)’ (2012), ‘View’ (2015), and more.

SHINee's 2024 Activities

This year, the group has a lot in store for SHAWOLS, and we're looking forward to everything they're planning!

1. 2024 Keyland On: And On

Member Key will be holding his solo concert at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on 27 and 28 January. Called 2024 Keyland On: And On, this will be Key's first concert after releasing his Good and Great mini album in September. The concert will also be streamed online (pay per view) via Weverse and Beyond Live.

2. Minho's single, Stay For A Night

Minho is also making a comeback with his solo single, Stay For A Night. According to reports, Minho participated in the writing process. It's also said to be an R&B track with lo-fi style instruments, mixing perfectly with the singer's calm voice. Stay For A Night releases on 6 January at 12PM KST (11AM SGT).

3. Onew is still on hiatus

In June 2023, SM Entertainment announced that Onew would be going on a hiatus due to health-related issues. The announcement had fans around the world feeling sad, but many understood that the idol's health was the top priority. Onew is still on hiatus as of writing but recently posted to his personal Instagram after a few months of inactivity to thank everyone for their birthday greetings. He has also posted a couple more photos on Instagram before the new year but still has yet to announce his comeback.


The group is currently holding their SHINee World VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION] Tour which started in June 2023 at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. They also performed in Saitama, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan. In December 2023, the group announced that they would be bringing their tour to Singapore and Hong Kong. The Singapore concert will be happening on 2 March 2024 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

(Cover photo from: @choiminho_1209)

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