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Still hungover from the It's Okay To Not Be Okay's finale last Sunday? We totally get you! After all, the tvN drama put us in quite the roller coaster with all its shocking plot twists. While we're happy Ko Mun Yeong, Moon Gang Tae, and Sang Tae are on the road to their own happily ever after, we'll definitely be missing them on-screen.

A second season is highly unlikely and we still have to wait a bit before we can get a whiff of news about their upcoming drama. Thankfully, we can catch their past shows in the meantime. If, like us, you've become a fan of Seo Ye Ji's scene-stealing performance, then we suggest getting right on ahead to watch her older performances. Ahead, we list down Seo Ye Ji's dramas you definitely should watch. 

Potato Star 2013QR3

What happens when a comet begins to orbit Earth? Well, apparently, according to Potato Star 2013QR3, strange things will start to occur, making one big crazy family even crazier. The tvN sitcom revolves mostly around the rich Noh family, as well as their neighbours and the employees of their toy company — all of which make for a goofy extended family for our central characters. It features quite an ensemble cast from Reply 1988's Go Kyung Pyo as the Noh family's heir, Yeo Jin Goo as the aspiring computer programmer who works for the Noh family's company, and of course, Seo Ye Ji in her first-ever role, acting as Go Kyung Pyo's younger sister. 

Why it's worth watching: The series is 100-episode long (each is only about 35 minutes long, to be fair), but not one second is boring with all the hijinks of the Nohs. But more than its laughter-inducing scenes, the show also explores issues about family, romance, and even work.

Moorim School: Saga of the Brave

This drama is, to put it simply, like Dream High but with a fantastical twist. Only visible to special individuals, Moorim School, is an institution that teaches martial arts to individuals that come from all walks of life. Aside from Seo Ye Ji, this drama stars Lee Hyun Woo, Hong Bin, and Jung Yoo Jin as four people who find companionship and love in the titular school, all while uncovering mysteries and truths about themselves.

Why it's worth watching: Moorim School: Saga of the Brave can be cheesy, but isn't that the charm of teen coming-of-age dramas? Plus, other than the romance subplot, the bromance between the two main leads and how they grow to trust each other is a definite highlight of the show.

Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Set in the Silla Kingdom during Korea's Three Kingdoms period, the KBS drama revolves around the hwarang, a group of elite flowering knights as they deal with love and friendships amidst the growing political turmoil. In Hwarang, Seo Ye Ji departs from her wacky roles and takes on the emotionless character of Princess Sookmyung. Betrothed to the young King Jin Heung played by Park Hyung Sik but secretly pining for the commoner Moo Myung (Park Seo Jun), she further complicates the two main lead's love triangle involving Go Ara's Aro. 

Why it's worth watching: While Seo Ye Ji remains a supporting character here, her role as the cold princess demonstrates her range as an actress. Not to mention, if you're looking to get into the wonderful world of Korean historical dramas, then Hwarang's healthy mix of romance, comedy, and a bit of suspenseful political intrigue might just be the perfect gateway for you. 

Save Me

If you enjoyed the psychological and thrilling themes of It's Okay Not To Be Okay, then perhaps you'll enjoy OCN's Save Me next. Seo Ye Ji's drama that aired back in 2017 goes deep into the darkness of dangerous cults. It follows her as Sang Mi whose family gets entangled with a religious cult in their move to the province. To get out of the clutches of its leader, she seeks the help of her former classmates, led by Taecyeon's Han Sang Hwan, to expose the reality behind the brainwashing group. 

Why it's worth watching: Save Me hooks you in with its cliffhangers and twists. All throughout, you'd probably be anxious with all the tension as it tackles controversial issues that plague our society. Making the narrative work, of course, are the stellar performances of the actors, particularly of Seo Ye Ji in her breakthrough role as the lead.

Lawless Lawyer

For a more recent Seo Ye Ji drama, stream tvN's 2018 drama, Lawless Lawyer. Here, she plays Ha Jae Yi, a lawyer who partners with gangster-turned-lawyer Bong Sang Pil (played by Lee Joon Gi) to fight against the corruption within the system and get the justice his departed mum deserves. Though the premise spells tragedy, this K-drama packs quite an entertaining punch, making you feel a myriad of emotions in every episode. You'll crack up in laughter, swoon at the duo's chemistry, and hold your breath in suspense scene after scene.

Why it's worth watching: Those tired of seeing damsels in distress will be glad to know that Seo Ye Ji plays quite a strong character in this one. She's self-sufficient and smart. Most importantly, she's not afraid to fight for what is right whatever the means.

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