FAVE 5: Au Naturel Backgrounds

Go natural

There's something about outdoor photos that just catch your eye, don't you think? Any hint of greenery adds a hint of life to a still photograph. Plus, the perfect natural lighting looks amazing in photos. Needless to say, the Clozette Community knows how to work a pose in front of natural backgrounds. Ahead, some easy outdoor shots you could recreate for your next OOTD.

By the bay

A girl standing by the bay as a natural background
(Photo from: shermaineinez)

Fairy doorway

A mother and son posing in a hole in the wall surrounded by foliage
(Photo from: Winnieloves)

From the balcony

An outdoor photo taken from a building's balcony
(Photo from: janeenyay)

To the treetops

A girl posing on the side of the road with some trees behind her as natural background
(Photo from: JessicaTan2511)

Some potted plants

A girl posing among some potted plants as her natural background
(Photo from: MelissaFerosha)

(Cover photo from: @JessicaTan2511)

For more photography ideas, here's how to pose with your hands like a pro.

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