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Mondays are usually hectic, but it seems like this week really plans to take us in a sweep. If you're looking for a dose of positivity, scroll ahead to read more on Parasite's big win during the Oscars, BAPE x Coach's upcoming collab, and more on this week's Insider Roundup. 

Parasite wins big for South Korea with 4 Academy Awards

Can we really let today pass without talking about the Oscars? Aside from being one — if not the most — anticipated awards show for film, must-see red carpet looks and inspiring speeches make it an exciting annual event. But this year, it's even more exciting, considering that buzzed-about Korean film Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-Ho, is one of the very few non-Hollywood films in history that got slated for major categories. Following its multiple recognitions this awards season, Bong goes home big with South Korea's first-ever Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, Best International Feature Film (a rebranding of the Best Picture in a Foreign Language category), Best Directing, and Best Picture. Talk about a win for Asian films, screenwriters, actors, and of course, fans! 

Other notable winners from the event include Brad Pitt winning his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, Toy Story 4 for Best Animated Feature, Joaquin Phoenix and Renée Zellweger for Best Actor and Actress, respectively. It's still worth saying that the Oscars is not without its faults, even in 2020. Several wins for an Asian film still does not excuse the obvious lack of diversity in this year's nominees. Still, with Parasite's start, here's to hoping for better inclusivity next time around. 

Olympics 2020 torch relay to start with a female athlete

On the topic of inclusivity and diversity, it looks like the Olympics is taking a turn this year by having a female athlete headline the torch relay for the first time. Since its inception in 1936, the Olympic torch relay, which marks the beginning of the major sporting event, has always been male-led which makes the shift considerably significant. Rio de Janeiro gold medalist Anna Korakaki has been chosen for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic ceremony happening on 26 March 2020. Olympic Committee President Spyros Capralos referred to the 23-year-old athlete's role as a "historic moment" for the sporting competition. 

Terrace House housemate Lauren Tsai is Shiseido's latest global ambassador

From one amazing woman in her 20s to the next, 21-year-old Terrace House housemate Lauren Tsai has been named as Shiseido's newest global ambassador. Joining the brand's Alive With Beauty campaign, she expressed on Instagram that she couldn't be any more psyched of the announcement, being a fan of Shiseido products since she started modelling in Japan at 16. She adds this to her teeming 2020 portfolio, which also includes roles for FX's Legion and upcoming Netflix feature Moxie. Can't wait to see more of you, Lauren!

BAPE reveals collab with Coach

From new ambassadors to exciting collaborations, BAPE teased its new collab with Coach via Instagram over the weekend. The short video featured the streetwear brand's logo being laid out side-by-side with Coach's signature monogram, leaving more to be imagined and anticipated. The two brands are known for contrasting aesthetics, BAPE being loud and graphic and Coach being chic and elegant, making it a curious fashion partnership to definitely watch out for. 

Gucci joins The Lion's Share Fund to support wildlife conservation

It looks like Coach isn't the only one working with animals (The Bathing Ape, anyone? No? Okay.) as Gucci announced their latest venture to help save wildlife. Joining The Lion Share Fund's initiative in addressing issues on biodiversity, climate change, and other crisis in nature, the Fund aims to raise USD100 million annually for the cause. The participation of the fashion powerhouse contributes significantly to the cause, along with their pledge to make sure their own production choices are in check to even be more sustainable. Definitely a good mix of highs and lows (but more highs!) for this week's set of news, don't you think? 

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