These Upcoming Netflix Releases Will Add Excitement To Your October

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Horror flicks aren’t the only ones worth checking out on Netflix this October. This month’s lineup also offers a good mix of suspense-thrillers, comedies, and even emotional love stories. Curious which titles to click on? We’ve got you covered.

Movie: My Name

Han So-Hee (of The World Of The Married and Nevertheless fame) is starring in a completely different role from her previous works in My Name. On this series, she plays Yoon Ji-Woo, a woman who enters the police and partners up with a gang boss to seek revenge for her father’s murder.

Not intrigued enough? Our detailed report on this series will definitely convince you to add this to your queue.

TV Show: Death Note

A rehash of the successful manga-slash-anime-slash-movie franchise of the same name from the early 2000s, Death Note the J-drama is also worth watching. The story follows the same format as previous adaptations, introducing us to college student Light Yagami (Masataka Kubota) who ends up owning a notebook that allows him to kill anyone whose name is written on its pages. His vigilante justice gets on the radar of a world-renowned detective only known as ‘L’ (Kento Yamazaki), who would stop at nothing to further prevent Light from playing god.

ICYDK, Death Note‘s adaptations (except for the American remake commissioned by Netflix years back) have created a lot of discourse on morality and ethics due to its heavy themes about justice. It’s definitely an intriguing piece that has even caused trouble in different parts of the world. If you haven’t caught wind of its impact, watching the series will definitely leave you both entertained and asking existential questions in the best way.

Movie: Army Of Thieves

Looking for an adventure series that gives a good mix of comedy and suspense? Go with Army Of Thieves. Produced by Zack Snyder (Justice League), this film stars German actor Matthias Schweighöfer as safecracker Ludwig Dieter. He goes on a quest to lead a bunch of amateur thieves to conduct a big heist.

It’s funny, exciting, and campy like Kingsman or Kick-Ass where everything’s exaggerated but surprisingly in place. We wouldn’t want to spoil how or why the heist happened, but we’re guaranteeing a wild ride.

Movie: A World Without

Sci-fi thrillers more up your alley? This movie will definitely have you intrigued. Set in a dystopian world where dating is illegal, three girls go on a quest to find love and happiness by joining a mysterious community led by a compelling leader.

While the film is founded on mystery and suspense, it actually presents a touching storyline about friendship, love, and finding family beyond blood-relations. It’s also thought provoking because of its skewed perception of love, femininity, and community.

TV Show: The Time It Takes

How long does it take for someone to move on from a long-term relationship? This drama explores this very question through the lens of Lina (Nadia de Santiago) and Nico (Alvaro Cervantes). Lina tries to rediscover life after years of being with Nico. Struggling to cope with her newfound singlehood, she decides to think about him one minute less each day.

Whether or not you’re fresh out of a breakup, this series is good if you’re feeling sentimental. It talks about independence, dependence, the pain of love and loss, and everything in between.

Which of these shows are you adding to queue first? 

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