October 2020 Netflix Releases To Add To Your 'My List' Next

Titles worth your anticipation

Did you find yourself browsing aimlessly on Netflix again after exhausting last month’s releases? No worries because a new month means new titles to add to your queue. Aside from these Halloween-ready reels arriving this month, here are Netflix October's film and series releases worth hitting the play button for.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol 

We can't deny us a new K-drama. This rom-com series starring none other than Go Ara (Hospital Playlist), Lee Jae-Wook (When The Weather Is Fine), and Kim Joo-Hun (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay) is coming to Netflix on 7 October. The story revolves around a “riches-to-rags” pianist who attempts to navigate her new life with hope and optimism. 

What to watch out for:
Just like any other K-drama, having a rom-com tag doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to get all laughs and giggles from this story. By the synopsis alone, the story already poses potentially meaningful life lessons laced into the plot, making us anticipate it even more beyond its inevitable love story.


Do you find yourself constantly bombarded with questions related to why you don’t have a date during the holiday season? This Netflix October release starring Emma Roberts (American Horror Story) and Luke Bracey (Point Break) is the one for you. Tired of getting asked why they usually spend special occasions alone, two strangers decide to be each other’s plus-one to family gatherings and, as expected, eventually fall in love.

What to watch out for: The plot may seem passé given today’s current talk on championing independence and individuality. But if you’re up for a good laugh and some relatability, you have to admit that its synopsis has everything nailed.

The Queen’s Gambit 

If you loved Anya Taylor-Joy in M. Night Shyamalan's Split and Glass, you’d be glad to find out that her next project revolves around another cerebral plot. The Queen’s Gambit is a mini-series about a girl in the 50s who learns that she's a genius chess master. After meeting fame in the field, she slowly gets eaten away by psychosis, leading to struggles with addiction and paranoia.

What to watch out for: Judging by the trailer alone, the gripping plot, powerful messaging, and cinematography of the series are already glaringly brilliant. What’s not to love?

Grand Army

Set in Brooklyn’s largest public schools, Grand Army explores the story of five students whose lives are affected by issues of homophobia, racism, peer pressure and more. The trailer itself is enough to send chills down your spine without necessarily giving away its plot, making it an interesting new drama to check out.

What to watch out for: Coming-of-age stories are always exciting to watch. But if it’s laced with music, a diverse cast, and an overall gritty and emotional narrative, all the more reason to add it to your watchlist.

Social Distance

Wrapping up our list is this sentimental dramedy that, as the title suggests, will revolve around the lives of people who try to keep connected in the time of social distancing. Cleverly shot through the perspectives of our smart device's camera and traditional filmography, Social Distance already hits close to home just by watching the trailer alone. Add in the technical issues they used as half-meant jokes in the teaser that has become a part of our daily vocabulary today and we’re sure that this series will be a blast. 

What to watch out for: Even with the laughs, we’re sure that this series anthology will also highlight the realities that the pandemic has brought into our lives.

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