The Newest Pantone Colour Is Called 'Period'

Seeing red

Ever since social media discovered the beauty of the Pantone Color Institute™ outside the design industry (ICYDK, it has existed since 1962), each colour they release and talk about immediately becomes a trend. After all, people’s shared appreciation for aesthete definitely grew as we entered the digital age. This has made patterns, symbols, and even colours — even without in-your-face statements — that mean and stand for something more accessible and known. Now, Pantone's latest colour release aims to do just that. Say hello to colour 485C, Period.

Destigmatising menstruation

Yes, you ‘red’ that right (pun intended)! The Pantone system released its own take on a shade that represents women’s cycles to help abolish the stigma often associated with this natural occurrence. While today’s treatment of periods is definitely a lot better than the ancient times — they used to be regarded as a sign of sorcery and impurity then, to say the least — they're still not as freely talked about.

When it is talked about, however, especially when the opposite sex is concerned, the words ‘period’ or ‘menstruation’ is often treated as hush-hush terms, making women feel uncomfortable to talk about it. This move from the colour-matching company hopes to change this norm.

Meaningful partnerships 

Thankfully, this initiative doesn’t end with a simple visual movement. Pantone has also partnered with Swedish feminine product Intimina to have a physical aspect to this conversation. Pantone Period will be used as the official colour for the brand’s Seen And Heard campaign, which has a similar ideal. Intimina describes Pantone Period as an “original shade of red that represents a steady flow.”

Pantone also worked with POC (person of colour) illustrator Jade Purple Brown to tease Pantone Period. Using a series of vivid pop-art-esque creatives inspired by the colour, the artist shared the company’s vision of providing empowerment and individualism through visual representation.

What’s next? 

As mentioned previously, Pantone’s colour announcements immediately become a social trend. Even we are guilty of jumping on the bandwagon and suggesting some of the trendiest ways to wear whatever Pantone shade is buzzworthy at the moment.

We're hoping that on this occasion when a shade stands for more than just an abstract value, people — as well as the main players in the fashion and beauty industries — would also pick up on it as well. Red is and has always been a symbol of power and passion, but we're hoping this nudge from Pantone would add a new meaning to the shade.


No more episodes of Carrie when it comes to discussions on period or menstruation. Let’s treat it as it is: blood, beauty, and something that happens out of normalcy.

(Cover photo from: @pantone)

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