Han So Hee And Ahn Bo Hyun Will Star In Netflix's 'Undercover'

Another thrilling K-drama coming soon

Our plates are already full with all the quality K-dramas airing this year, but our excitement doesn't run out. Exciting new titles are already in sight, coming to us in the next year or so, offering up fresh and thrilling storylines that'll grip us for weeks on end. One of which is Netflix's Undercover, to be directed by Kim Jin Min, the man behind the acclaimed series Extracurricular and Lawless Lawyer

It seems that in this new drama, the director will once again take us on a journey through the dark and harsh side of society. Written by Kim Ba Da, Undercover, as the title already hints, will revolve around Yoon Ji Woo, a woman part of an organised crime ring who enters the police force as a spy to uncover the truth behind her dad's death. Delving through the psyche of the protagonist, Netflix's K-drama will tackle the grey areas of morality. And the best part? To bring the riveting story to life are cast members known to deeply compel their audiences in difficult roles. 

An explosive cast

The part of Yoon Ji Woo will be played by none other than Han So Hee, known for her role as the mistress in The World of the Married. Her grit as an actress will be challenged as she takes on the shoes of the protagonist, whose hate pushes her to do everything it takes to avenge her father's suspicious demise. 

When she infiltrates the police, she's partnered up with Ahn Bo Hyun acting as police detective Jeon Pil Do of the Drug Investigation Unit. If you can recall, Ahn Bo Hyun also engrossed us as he played the spoiled villain's son on Itaewon Class. But this time around, his role is the exact opposite. Shedding the manipulative persona, Ahn Bo Hyun as Jeon Pil Do is a stickler for rules. Being a competent and brave partner, he will undoubtedly make Ji Woo's mission more difficult than it already is. 

For K-drama fans who have already watched these two take on the hateful roles of antagonists in their most recent projects, this shift in their roles in the upcoming drama will be quite an intriguing thing to witness. We're curious whether they'd make us sympathise with them as much as we might have hated them in their previous characters.

The two will also be joined by Park Hee Soon (Beautiful World) as the suspicious Choi Moo Jin (Sweet Munchies), the boss of Korea's biggest crime ring who'll take Ji Woo under his wings as she goes undercover. He'll be assisted by Lee Hak Joo, who'll act as his most trusted henchman. And finally, his nemesis will come in the form of Cha Gi Ho, the team leader of the Drug Investigation Unit who vows to destroy the syndicate before his career ends. His role will be taken by Kim Sang Ho, who previously was the Crown Prince's loyal friend and guard Moo Young in Kingdom

A thrilling anticipation

Given the premise of Undercover, we're betting that this project produced by Studio Santa Claus Entertainment will be filled with high-octane action scenes. We already can't wait to see how the characters would push the story with high things at stake when it releases exclusively on Netflix worldwide. Still, that might still be a long wait for us as there's no specific date penned for its official release yet besides being aired this year, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates.

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