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You know the drill: a new month just began so it's time to add new titles to your watch list.  Everyone's go-to streaming platform has gifted us with a ton of classics to indulge our nostalgia like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Silence of The Lambs, and even the animated feature, Anastasia. Aside from those, we'll be seeing the return of shows like Queer Eye, 13 Reasons Why, The Politician, and Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj with all-new episodes for bingeing too. Still, if you're looking for something refreshing to watch, ahead are upcoming Netflix June 2020 releases that are worth your stream.

Last Days of American Crime

Admit it, nothing heightens your excitement better than heist stories. They don't have the best people around, but you can't help but root for them as they try to pull off their seemingly impossible plans. Amongst the Netflix June 2020 releases to give you a dose of adrenaline rush is the graphic novel-based Last Days of American Crime, premiering today. The crime thriller set in the near future follows a career criminal played by Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez who plots a heist before the government broadcasts a signal that will force all citizens to follow the law.

What hooked us in: The trailer revealed that our protagonist is somehow motivated by the death of his brother. With this, we're hoping this Netflix Original would delve more into each character, giving the high-octane suspense some depth for the audience to sympathise with the characters.

Da 5 Bloods

ICYDK, critically acclaimed director Spike Lee, known for exploring race relations and other political issues in films like Do The Right Thing and Malcolm X, is finally releasing his first Netflix film this 12 June. Titled Da 5 Bloods, the film follows four aged African American war veterans returning to Vietnam to exhume the remains of their fallen leader along with the treasure they buried. His drama feature that goes back and forth in time doesn't come at a better moment. Da 5 Bloods draws parallels between the social climate of the US in the '60s, when the civil rights movement was picking up pace, and the present, where the fight for injustice continues right up until today.

What hooked us in: By now, Hollywood has produced a ton of war films that depict the brutal and the tragic, but it's rare that the stories of people of colour are featured. So what we're looking forward to seeing here are the experiences of African American men who had to leave the fight for their rights back home as they're drafted into a battle not their own.

A Whisker Away

For a lighter watch, log into Netflix this 18 June and enjoy this fantasy anime created by Sailor Moon director Junichi Satoh and Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day writer Mari Okada. A Whisker Away chronicles the adventures of a young peculiar girl's secret love. To get the attention of her crush, Miyo Sasaki transforms herself into a cat. But things go awry when the line between her human self and the cat blurs, and she finds herself forced to live on as a feline forever.

What hooked us in: Much like Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns, A Whisker Away deals with magic and human-turned-cats. The cute romance plot is always a welcome storyline for those suckers for the genre, but it would be great if this coming-of-age story brings something new to the table by touching upon humanity and life.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

Kim Soo Hyun has graced us with his cameos on Hotel del Luna and Crash Landing On You but it's definitely been a while since he took over the small screen with the lead role. Thankfully, after a long wait, he's finally making a comeback as Moon Gang Tae of tvN's It's Okay To Not Be Okay. Here, he plays a caretaker of a psych ward who finds himself in an unexpected romance with a children's book writer with an anti-social personality disorder played by Seo Ye Ji (Lawless Lawyer). Together, they find what it means to love and heal their emotional and psychological wounds in the process.

What hooked us in: Basing from its premise, it seems the story would fall into realism. Still, the first few trailers remind us of the elegant yet eerie cinematography of Hotel del Luna. And with Seo Ye Ji also appearing in the sneak peeks as a strong, independent rich woman like IU as Jang Man Wol did, we can't help but wonder: would the same dynamic play between the leads of this one too? Guess we'll have to wait till 20 June to find out. 

Athlete A

The streaming platform never fails to feed our intrigue with their true crime documentaries. And along with the other Netflix June 2020 releases, make sure to watch out for Athlete A dropping on the 24th. Originally scheduled to be released in the postponed Tribeca Film Festival, the docufilm debuting on Netflix explores one of the biggest and most tragic scandals in US sports history. Revealing the attempts made by Indianapolis reporters to expose Olympics doctor Larry Nassar who took advantage of over 150 young gymnasts for decades, much of the film focuses on "Athlete A", Maggie Nichols, the first athlete to come forward with her story.

What hooked us in: It's easy to fall prey to curiosity, especially with most true crime films sensationalising their graphic subject, often neglecting the perspective of the victims who suffered. And with such a sensitive and relevant topic at hand, fingers crossed, Athlete A gives its survivors the platform to speak out and tell their side of the story.

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