5 Must-Watch Horror Shows & Movies On Netflix

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Spooky season is just around the corner — that means the comeback of ghoul-inspired decors, (socially distanced) trick or treating, and a fresh set of Netflix horror series and movies to put us in a terrific terrified mood. This year, there are more than a few spine-chilling titles that look promising. So watch your back, don’t relax, and enjoy. Here are the five must-watch Netflix horror series and movies, ranked according to eeriness factor.

Night Teeth (20 October)

It’s been a while since we got a major vampire franchise. So if you’re missing Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and True Blood, the good news is you’re about to get your vampy fix with this new Netflix horror movie coming this October 2021. Night Teeth centres around college student Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) who part-times as a driver by night. On one night, he gets a seemingly good gig to drive two attractive ladies around town as they go party hopping. Little does he know that those young women are actually centuries-old vampires who are out for literal blood. Can he convince them to spare him or is he now a meal on wheels?

Scare-o-meter: Just a pinch of spooky. While there are gory and bloody scenes (this is a vampire movie, after all!), it’s not as sinister as some horror movies are — translation: it’s less likely to keep you up at night. In fact, there’s a handful of jokes thrown around to keep things light and campy. 

Intrusion (available for streaming)

House invasion horror films hit differently these days when we’re spending a lot of time at home. It’s just terrifying to think that your safe space could also be a haven for someone (or something) that’s out to get you. Protagonist Meera (Freida Pinto) is living our worst nightmare as she and her husband fight off a group of violent intruders. After the incident, she goes through the gruelling process of recovering from the trauma. However, nothing is as it seems and Meera is intent on finding out the truth no matter how scary and dangerous the revelations may be.

Scare-o-meter: Barely a tablespoon of spooky. Intrusion is part horror and part drama so while there are hair-raising thrills, the story itself will not cost you a nice slumber. 

Midnight Mass (available for streaming)

There may not be a new The Haunting series this year, but director Mike Flanagan is serving us something that’s equally spooky: Midnight Mass. The setting of this new mini series is a small seaside town that has been affected by an oil spill. There are a lot of characters to meet: the wayward son who returns home after serving time in prison (Zach Gilford), the resident judgemental neighbour who loves to gossip (Samantha Sloyan), the mysterious young priest suddenly takes over the local parish (Hamish Linklater) and more. On the surface, it looks like just another tight-knit and religious town. But as paranormal activity begins to happen, villagers suspect that there’s something sinister hiding in the midst.

Scare-o-meter: Two spoonfuls of spooky. A creepy priest, paranormal activity and a quiet town — seems like a recipe for a sleepless night, right? Well, not quite. Like last year’s Haunting Of Bly Manor, this new mini series is more brooding and reflective than spine-chilling. It definitely moves towards social horror territory. However, there are some very well-placed jumpscares so watch out. Also, for pet lovers out there, sorry to break it to you but cats and dogs do die on this one.

There’s Someone Inside Your House (6 October)

Moving to a new high school in your senior year is scary enough, but Nebraska implant Makani Young (Sydney Park) has another horrifying thing to deal with on top of that. As graduation comes closer, she and her classmates get threatened by a serial killer on the loose. And this menace isn’t just your typical murderer. The killer taunts victims by wearing a life-like mask of their own face and then exposing their deepest secrets. As someone who has skeletons in the closet, Makani is determined to discover the murderer’s identity before she becomes the next victim.

Scare-o-meter: One big cup of scary. If there’s anything horror classics like the Scream and Friday The 13th taught us, it’s that teen slasher movies can be fun but can also be extremely disturbing. There’s Someone Inside Your House does not look like an exception. Expect scream-inducing scenes and prepare to make a huge gasp for the killer reveal.

No One Gets Out Alive (available for streaming)

If you’ve got nowhere else to go, would you be willing to live in a haunted house? Immigrant Ambar (Cristina Rodlo) thought she was getting a sweet deal when she’s offered a nice place in a shared housing for an affordable price. But she soon finds out that there’s a catch — she has invisible roommates (a.k.a. ghouls) that she can’t escape from no matter where she goes. Based on horror writer Adam Nevill's book, No One Gets Out Alive is about American dreams turning into literal nightmares.

Scare-o-meter: A big pint of spooky that will abs-ghoul-utely terrify you. From just the title itself, you know that this film isn’t going to be a lighthearted one. It’s full of creepy silhouettes and jump scares that will make you want to put your night light on until the morning sun comes shining.

Which of these must-watch Netflix horror series and movies would you add to your watch list?

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