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Trick-or-treating around your neighbourhood may not be advisable this year, but watching horror flicks is a tradition that you can still enjoy. Thankfully, Halloween isn't cancelled because we have a lot of spooky Netflix Originals to watch out for. We know the influx of choices for movies and series can be overwhelming. So to help you, we put together a binge-list of the most interesting Netflix horror releases coming soon.

The Haunting Of Bly Manor

Because The Haunting of Hill House delivered well and set the bar high (if you haven't watched it, we really suggest you do, it's a one-of-a-kind horror series), we now expect nothing less from its next instalment, The Haunting of Bly Manor. Set in an English manor, the story starts when a governess is hired to take care of orphaned children. Not much is given away by the trailer, but it's billed to be a "gothic romance story". It's loosely based on the works of author Henry James who was known for his mastery of the literary realism and literary modernism genres. Familiar faces will star in this upcoming flick including Victoria Pedretti (played adult Nelle in The Haunting of Hill House and Love in You) and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (played adult Luke in The Haunting of Hill House). 

American Murder: The Family Next Door

Nothing is scarier than real-life villains and the horrors of a real-life tragedy. This film documentary explores the disappearance and tragic murder of businesswoman Shanann Watts and her children. After they mysteriously vanished, concerned neighbours prompted the police. This led to an investigation that revealed that pregnant Shanann and her children were victims of familicide committed by her own husband.

La Revolution

A horror binge-list isn't complete without a zombie flick. In the last few years, we had some really good ones available on Netflix like Train To Busan (2016) and #Alive (2020). It's a horror genre that's been done over and over again, but La Revolution brings something fresh to the table. Instead of setting the story in a post-apocalyptic world as is often done in many zombie movies, this one revisits the past specifically around the time of the French Revolution. In this alternate timeline, the aristocrats are infected with a disease that makes them yearn to kill the peasants and this little secret is uncovered by the inventor of the guillotine. It will be released on 16 October, the anniversary of Marie Antoinette's beheading.


With big names attached to this film, Rebecca will surely turn heads. Lead star Lily James plays a lady's maid who fell in love and married a rich widower. When she enters her new home, she finds herself in the shadow of her husband's late wife who appears to haunt her. But soon she realises that the former Mrs. De Winter may still be actually living in the house. Gasp! Is somebody just messing with her? Is it all in her head? We can't wait to find out.

Hubie Halloween

Getting a bit too spooked for your own good? End your Netflix horror binge list on Halloween with a lighthearted horror-comedy. Expect silly laughs from Hubie Halloween, which is from comedian Adam Sandler. It's the perfect movie to wash down all the spooks you got just enough to have a good night's sleep. The plot is as ludicrous as you would expect: a "Halloween monitor" makes sure that everyone is safe during the festivities and is alerted when a real monster threatens the neighbourhood. We're not sure but this may just be the intentionally bad movie Adam Sandler said he'd make if he doesn't win an Oscar for his role in Uncut Gems (2019). 

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