These Are Our Fave Celeb Mother-Daughter Duos

Got it from their mamas

Do you remember the time when you loved playing dress-up in your mum’s clothes? How her shoes were literally too big to fill hence you would always trip over them, or how her makeup kit had seemed to hold the world’s fanciest treasures, such as a classic red lipstick or a bottle of perfume.

Our mothers are undeniably our first best friends, our number one supporters and they greatly influence our outlook on the world. Our perception of grace, beauty and style largely comes from them and we often look up to them as our role models. In celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we are spotlighting five celeb mother-daughter duos who share close bonds (and probably a jaw-dropping closet). Read on to learn more.

Cindy Crawford & Kaia Gerber

Talk about powerful genes. American model Cindy Crawford, who’s often regarded as one of the original supermodels from the ’90s, passed on her good looks to two of her children, one of whom is the 18-year-old Kaia Gerber. Kaia takes after Cindy’s beautiful sculpted cheekbones and alluring hazel eyes, and made her official modelling debut with Versace’s junior line, Young Versace, when she was only 10 years old. Since then, she has become a regular fixture on the catwalk and has worked with the biggest brands in fashion including Coach and Loewe.

Carla "Bing" Loyzaga Gibbs & Alyssa and Gabriella Gibbs

If two’s a party, then three’s a fun crowd for Filipina actress and singer Carla "Bing" Loyzaga-Gibbs. The actress is a familiar face on television and is also mum to two gorgeous daughters, Alyssa and Gabriella. Both of her girls are multi-talented and are also rising celebrity influencers on social media — older sister Alyssa is a printmaker and designer, while younger sister Gabriella is an illustrator who often sports the most jaw-dropping makeup looks (we’re still recovering from this amazing '70s Gypsy look she shared on her Instagram).

Bing makes the occasional appearance on her daughters’ pages too, where she recently participated in a playful ‘Savage’ dance challenge with the girls on TikTok. 

Zoe Kravitz & Lisa Bonet

Life is anything but ordinary for actress and singer Zoë Kravitz, who proudly calls actress Lisa Bonet and award-winning musician Lenny Kravitz as her parents. Zoë first gained recognition on the silver screen when she appeared in the superhero film X Men: First Class and has since been the poster girl for the grunge-chic aesthetic after becoming the face of French luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. Her effortless sense of dressing could be attributed to her mother, Lisa Bonet, who counts waist-length locks, loose robes and printed dresses as part of her signature look.

Dee Hsu & Elly Hsu

Quick-witted Taiwanese talk show host Dee Hsu has three daughters, and her oldest daughter, Elly seems to have officially entered showbiz after modelling for Vogue Taiwan in 2019. Shy of turning 14 years old, Elly has already ‘broke’ the internet after she was revealed as the face of Chinese fashion brand Jorya. Having been praised by fans for ‘high-fashion’ facial features and excellent body proportions, Elly's definitely one to watch. 

Wendy Jacobs & Iman Fandi

Good looks run in this family. South African-born model Wendy Jacobs is the wife of one of Southeast Asia’s most respected football players, Fandi Ahmad, and the couple has five children. Their only daughter, Iman, turns 20 in a few weeks and is currently following in her mom’s modelling footsteps. She has graced the covers of notable titles Harper’s Bazaar and Women’s Weekly alongside her family and has also been invited to attend fashion shows by Chanel and Hermes at Paris Fashion Week. In addition, she recently revealed in an interview that she intends to pursue a career in music as well.

Which mother-daughter duo is your favourite? 

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