Here's Why You Should Wait For Moon Ga Young’s Rumoured Drama ‘Link’

Please make it happen!

We can’t help but wonder when we’re going to see Moon Ga Young in a drama again after falling in love with her as Lim Jugyeong in True Beauty. Rumour has it that she’ll soon star in tVN’s Link, where she will play opposite Yeo Jin Goo (Hotel del Luna, Beyond Evil). The news broke at the start of 2021 and her agency has also confirmed that she’s in the talks to play the lead. However, there’s still no confirmation if the project is a go.

While we cross our fingers for this to push through, here are some of the reasons why we’re excited about this Moon Ga Young rumoured drama.

The plot is definitely intriguing

Link (working title, Link: Eat And Love To Kill) is about Eun Kye-Hoon, a chef whose sister disappeared 20 years ago. He crosses paths with No Da-Hyun, a woman who is unlucky in many aspects of life, especially when it comes to men. By some unexplained phenomenon, the two of them get ‘linked’, causing them to share emotions.

We can already see ourselves laughing at the comedy that this type of storyline would bring in. At first, the characters would probably be so confused why they’re feeling strong emotions out of nowhere, which would lead them to look for a solution after finding out the cause. However, as with any K-drama, our laughs may soon turn to tears when we start discovering the inner struggles of these characters and watch them get amplified because of their ‘link’. There’s a high chance that one big theme in this drama is empathy and we can’t wait how they’ll develop the story to deliver this message.

Moon Ga Young’s onscreen chemistry with Yeo Jin Goo will be exciting to watch

Compared to Moon Ga Young, Yeo Jin Goo is already considered an industry veteran since he’s been in dramas and films ever since he was eight years old. His great chemistry with his past co-stars, be it in romantic stories or other genres, definitely plays significantly in how the audience gets a feel of the roles he’s in. Since it’ll be the first time he’ll play opposite Moon Ga Young, it’ll be interesting to see how strong their chemistry would be since it would take a great deal of versatility to mirror each other’s level of intensity based on the plot.

Hello Monster’s writer and director reunite for this project

If you loved 2015’s Hello Monster starring Seo-In-Guk (Doom At Your Service) and Jang Na-Ra (The Last Empress), then you’d be glad to know that the drama’s director No Sang-Hoon and writer Kwon Ki-Young are also the ones behind Link.

Hello Monster has a good balance of mystery and romance which Link’s plot seems to also call for. This makes us anticipate the upcoming drama even more. Hello Monster also had a way of delivering emotional storylines in the most poignant manner dialogue-wise and cinematography-wise, which raises the bar of our expectations for this rumoured Moon Ga Young drama.

With only two months remaining for 2021, we’re almost sure that Link will already be pushed for a 2022 release date. The promising cast and drama concept are definitely exciting! So you know to watch this space for our updates when we get more news.

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