Marie Kondo Has A New Show! Here’s What We Know So Far

The decluttering queen is back!

Are you ready to “spark joy” back into your life? Here’s some good news: Netflix has announced decluttering queen Marie Kondo’s new show, Sparking Joy. The series follows the success of her first program, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, in 2019.

To recap, Marie Kondo’s KonMari philosophy is all about letting go of possessions that “don’t spark joy anymore”. This launches the entire decluttering process, which also includes very specific ‘hacks’ when it comes to organising. This method became popular when Kondo released her first book about it in 2014. But when the show premiered, its ideals ‘skyrocketed in popularity’. The KonMari method was not just a craze, it was dubbed a way of life. If you’re a fan of makeover shows but unsure if you’ll like Sparking Joy, here’s a fun fact: Marie Kondo’s KonMari Media Inc. will be working with Emmy-award winning production company Alfred Street Productions, who’s behind other hit programs like Project Runway and Top Chef, for this series.

That said, what’s to be expected of Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo? Here’s everything we know so far.

KonMari will be applied on a bigger scale

In Tidying Up, Marie Kondo mainly focused on decluttering households and sharing the ‘basics’ of the KonMari method. However, in this new series, she will take on “businesses, relationships, and communities”.

We’re quite excited about how she’ll be able to make an impact in businesses and communities since each has set cultures and structures. Meanwhile, Marie Kondo has already tapped into relationships on her website. Her four-step philosophy on ‘tidying up’ relationships (‘Using Your Intuition’, ‘Evaluating Your Relationships and Your Role In It’, ‘If Moving On, Let Go With Gratitude’ and ‘If Staying, Accept The Person And Fully Commit’) also follows the KonMari method of ‘sparking joy’.

Sparking Joy will also give us a glimpse of Marie Kondo’s personal life

Marie Kondo has referenced her own lifestyle in Tidying Up, often talking about how she trains her child to declutter even at a young age. However, it looks like we’ll be getting a deeper look into her home life in Sparking Joy. The new series is said to have more episodes exploring Kondo’s home, as well as talking about how she “sparks joy” whenever she’s not out helping other people. Leading by example? We’re all for it!

It will be “surprising, emotional, and transformative”

Sparking Joy promises to deliver an exciting yet relatable experience, much more than the first series because of its large-scale approach. People love makeover TV shows because they have a certain predictability. There’s a conflict that’s blown out of proportion (usually for dramatic purposes) that gets resolved despite the odds. There’s always an inevitable happily ever after. Seeing these changes and joys unfold, especially in light of the current trying and uncertain circumstances, may just be the feel-good watch we all need right now.

The series will air sooner than you think

There’s no release date yet for Sparking Joy. We only know that it’s slated for summer 2021 in the U.S., which starts in June. That said, watch this space for updates once further details are announced.

Given what we know about the KonMari effect in 2019, we’re already sure that this new series is yet another hit in the making. However, reception aside, what we’re most excited about is the new lessons we’ll get about ‘sparking joy’ not just in our homes but also in our personal lives.

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