Mystery, Musicals, & More: March Netflix Releases We’re Excited For

Feel-good films and dramas

Running out of new movies and series to binge? It’s time to hit refresh on that Netflix queue and start adding new titles to your watchlist. This March, we’re seeing a nice mix of mystery, music, and mayhem (the good kind) arriving soon. Here’s a curation of the latest Netflix releases that’ll surely give you the best vibes this month.


Based on Jennifer Mathieu’s novel of the same name, Moxie! is the latest addition to Netflix a lineup of meaningful coming-of-age dramas and films this 3 March. The story revolves around shy 16-year-old Viv (Hadley Robinson) who finds out about her mum’s (Amy Poehler, who also directed the film) ‘rebellious’ past. This inspires her and her new friend to create an anonymous magazine calling out sexism and other important issues surrounding their school.

Why you need it on your queue: The book was listed in TIME’s Top YA novels in 2017 for being a “playbook for a new generation of teen feminists.'' Will the on-screen adaptation be as promising as its source material?

A Week Away

If you think we’ve left teen movie musicals in the mid-2000s (we’re looking at you High School Musical), then let A Week Away change your mind. The plot gives us Camp Rock vibes — minus the Jonas Brothers — with troubled teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) finding himself forcibly attending a summer camp. In a not-so-sudden turn of events, he finds friendship, love, and a sense of belonging during his stay. It arrives on Netflix on 26 March.

Why you need it on your queue:
There are times when we simply need feel-good movies that are a bit predictable yet fun to watch to ease our hearts and minds and this one is it. And did we mention the songs are pretty catchy too?

Love Alarm Season 2

If you love the first season of this K-drama starring Kim So-Hyun (Kim Jo-Jo), Jung Ga-Ram (Lee Hye-Young), and Song Kang (Hwang Sun-Oh), gear up for its second season arriving on Wednesday, 3 March.

In case you forgot, season one is about Kim Jo-Jo’s experience with the Love Alarm app, which notifies its user if someone within close proximity has romantic feelings for them. Through this, her life gets romantically entangled with friends Hye-Young and Sun-Oh. Beyond their love triangle, bigger issues surrounding the app also arise. This leads Jo-Jo to confront the app developer — but not before the developer reveals that Love Alarm 2.0 is in the works.

Season two will address the loose ends from the first season: Hye-Young and Sun-Oh’s deteriorating friendship, the result of people protesting the effects of the Love Alarm app, and of course, Jo-Jo’s inner turmoil in addressing her feelings.

Why you need it on your queue: Not all K-dramas get a second season so you know things will get even better when one does. Even if there’s an obvious couple endgame (we won’t spoil it in case you haven’t seen the first season yet), this extension of the angst and heart-fluttering moments between the three main characters is just something you can’t miss.

The Irregulars

The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are timeless detective stories, with over 250 on-screen adaptations at present. But if you think you’ve seen everything they have to offer, then Netflix’s The Irregulars will prove you wrong. Holmes and Watson take a backseat in this adaptation, which focuses more on the band of misfits they hire to help investigate a series of supernatural mysteries surrounding Victorian London. The series arrives on the platform this 26 March.

Why you need it on your queue: Fans of the Conan-Doyle novels are familiar with Holmes and Watson’s network who serve as the detective duo’s eyes and ears all over London. While most adaptations treat these characters as mere plot devices, The Irregulars put a spotlight on them and showcase case-solving in a different perspective.

The One

What if there’s an irrefutable way for you to find your perfect romantic match? This science-fiction limited series aims to address this inquiry through the lens of DNA researcher Rebecca (Hannah Ware). With a hair sample, she develops a system to match people who are “genetically guaranteed to fall in love”. But, of course, any sweet deal doesn’t come with a cheap price. The series drops 12 March.

Why you need it on your queue: Intriguing plot line, exciting twists and turns, a looming mystery — who wouldn’t want to binge this? Aside from those, people who loved Black Mirror’s Hang The DJ, which follows a similar idea, will surely love this exploration of what will happen when science interferes with love.

We don’t know about you, but our watchlist is already set for the month with these interesting titles!

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