Meet The Members Of Debuting Rookie K-Pop Group UNIS

It’s nice to meet U—NIS

You and I are in for a treat this March. Get ready for new faces in the K-pop scene as girl group UNIS is set to officially launch this month! Meet the members of the eight-member group and find out when they’ll be debuting below.

UNIS is ready for the big stage

F&F Entertainment's UNIS

The eight-member group from the Universe Ticket survival show. (Photo from: @koto._.1028)

UNIS is a rookie girl group that was formed from the SBS survival show Universe Ticket. The group will be managed by F&F Entertainment and will promote music as UNIS for two and a half years. They will formally be debuting on 27 March, as announced by their entertainment company.

Its members come from Korea, Japan and the Philippines, and are mostly still teenagers. Get to know them below.

Meet the members of UNIS

1. Jin Hyeonju (Korea)

Jin Hyeonju is the leader of UNIS and is the only non-teenager in the group! She finished sixth in the survival show and was also part of the survival show The Unit. Hyeonju is half-Korean and half-Filipina.

2. Nana (Japan)

Hailing from Tokyo, Nana is a 16-year-old singer under FNC Entertainment Japan and a member of the J-Pop girl group PRIKIL. In Universe Ticket, she was given the PRISM TICKET that secured her spot in UNIS.

3. Gehlee Dangca (Philippines)

Gehlee Dangca is one of two Filipinos in the group and was 4th place in the survival show. Outside of being a K-pop idol, Gehlee is also a model for various companies and brands in the Philippines.

4. Kotoko (Japan)

Kotoko is the second Japanese member of UNIS. She finished in 8th place and says her desired position in the group is vocalist. Kotoko captured Korean and international fans’ hearts with her adorable charm.

5. Bang Yunha (Korea)

Bang Yunha was the second official member of the group after finishing second overall in the show. She was a former JYP trainee before transferring to F&F Entertainment to debut under UNIS. 

6. Elisia (Philippines)

Elisia is the other Filipino member of the girl group and was the first overall in Universe Ticket, becoming the inaugural member of UNIS. She is an actress, singer, taekwondo blue belter, and a cousin of K-pop group HORI7ON’s Marcus.

7. Oh Yoona (Korea)

Oh Yoona is a 15-year-old trainee under STARON Entertainment and a former pre-debut member of the group Free In Sass. She was also part of the co-ed group Play With Me Club.

8. Lim Seowon (Korea)

Lim Seowon is the maknae (youngest) of the group at 13 years old. She is a trot (Korean music style) singer, musical actress and TV personality under Lean Branding. While some are criticising the agency for debuting her at such a young age, Seowon is determined to join her members on stage soon.

Which member are you looking forward to the most?

(Cover photo from: @koto._.1028)

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