The Cutest K-Celebrity Pets We're Obsessed With

Furry friends you'll love

If you're an avid K-culture fan, you'd know by now that a lot of the celebrities you look up to have their own pets. Though they may rarely post about their personal lives, a lot of them are proud fur parents and give us a sneak peek of their gentle companions at home. Seeing these adorable Korean celebrity pets is such a welcome sight, leaving us feeling all warm and happy inside. 

We literally can't count with the fingers on our hands how many Korean celebrity pets we're following, but right now, here are just some we're obsessed with. Scroll down and bask in their absolute cuteness with us.

Park Seo Joon's Simba

Familiar? Well, you probably came across this pic that went viral last weekend as it featured this lovely pup and Park Seo Joon's biceps. But in case you don't know yet, this furry cloud, a bichon frisé, is called Simba. As the Itaewon Class actor frequently posts Simba's endearing hijinks on his Instagram, we can see that he dotes on his furry companion a lot, perhaps, so much that he even brought Simba along in the set of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim a few years back. 

Park Min Young's Leon

Speaking of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, if you've been an avid shipper of the drama's main leads then you'd know by now that Park Min Young also has her own bichon frisé that looks totally identical with Seo Joon's. Is it fate? We sure hope so! But, shipping sentiments aside, Leon has his own sweet character so we definitely love seeing him in the actress's IG and on her vlog.

Taeyeon's Zero

Next on Korean celebrity pets we love, there's also Zero, Taeyeon's silver poodle. The three-year-old dog of SNSD's leader is a very good boy who has a rising career of his own. Aside from sidelining in SM Entertainment as a very obedient and enthusiastic employee, he has built up his own Instagram account and gained 347k followers. Now that's one huge influencer. Like his mum, he's also quite the fashionista, flaunting stylish clothes in front of the cam.   

Lee Jung Shin's Simba

When South Korean band CNBLUE debuted way back in 2009, bassist Lee Jung Shin was known for his shaggy waves. Funnily enough, later on, he went on to raise a dog with equally luscious locks. Also aptly named Simba, the gentle giant was frequently seen on his human's Instagram and was even featured on tvN's variety show Dear My Human. Simba enjoys taking walks and simply enjoying life with his owner — right until Lee Jung Shin left for military service two years back. Now that Lee Jung Shin has returned, he's definitely making up for the lost time with his boy, therefore spoiling us with their charming snaps in the process.

Park Shin Hye's Nori, Bongji, Dal, and Haeri

Yup, that's right — the #Alive star is an absolute animal lover. Park Shin Hye cares for a total of four pets — two dogs and two felines — in her home. She first had Nori and Bongji, her Maltese doggies, and later on, adopted a fluffy grey cat she named Haeri and a white snowball called Dal. Being more experienced with dogs, initially, she had asked her Doctors co-star Lee Sung Kyung for cat-rearing tips because she has her own Russian Blues.

Lisa's Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis

BLACKPINK members are all known to be pet lovers as well but out of the four ladies, Lisa has the most. Unlike Jennie and Jisoo who have dogs as pets, as well as Rosé who looks over a fish, Lisa chose to have cats instead. She has four in her home in Korea: Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis — all fluffy with their distinct coats and quirks. Not only that but when she returns home to her parents in Thailand, she also bonds with purr babies Tiga and Hunter.

Which of these Korean celebrity pets is your favourite?

(Cover photo from: @taeyeon_ss)

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