'Boys Over Flowers' Second Lead Kim Hyun Joong Is Getting Married!

Best wishes to F4 Korea’s Yoon Ji-Hoo!

South Korean singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong confirmed he’s getting married to his girlfriend during his Words I Want To Say concert last weekend. He is best known for his role as F4 Korea’s Yoon Ji-Hoo in the hit drama Boys Over Flowers (BoF) where he co-starred with Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun-Pyo), Kim Bum (Seo Yi-Jeong), Kim Joon (Song Woo-Bin), and Ku Hye-Sun (Geum Jan-Di).

Hyun Joong’s agency, Henecia, followed up the announcement with well-wishes for the couple, as well as a request to fans to respect the couple’s privacy.

The actor described his soon-to-be wife as a “best friend” who has stayed by his side through the toughest of times. Due to the pandemic, they will not be holding a huge wedding ceremony.

Cheers to our BoF second lead for getting his happily ever after!

(Cover photo from: Netflix)

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