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Hilariously unforgettable scenes

That's it, guys. It's officially an end of an era. After hundreds of episodes and a number of spin-off shows, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to a close. Just a few hours ago, members of Hollywood's most famous family announced that their reality TV hit would end with its 20th season next year, 14 years since the show first aired. Its run has made the show a television staple and has launched the career of its cast. It's where the Kardashian-Jenner siblings first rose into popularity, long before they've built their own families and their own cosmetic and fashion empires.

Of course, over the course of their very lives, they've all made some controversial life choices — most of which were out for the world to see on the show. But love them or not, there's no doubt that a bunch of the family's hijinks and drama has made all of us laugh. And long after the show has ended, we'll surely recall the following funny scenes from Keeping Up With The Kardashians that never fail to leave us in stitches.

Kim prioritising her selfies over everything else

Out of all the funny scenes they have served us, one we couldn't get off our minds is that time when everyone was on the way to drop Khloé off to serve jail time for DUI (drinking under the influence of alcohol). Okay, we admit, the situation was clearly serious, but what made us all laugh out loud was Kim who thought it was the absolute perfect time to capture some selfies. Perhaps it was at that hour of the day when the light fell on her features just right? Whatever her reason was, this nonetheless prompted their mum Kris to tell her off, saying "Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister's going to jail!" Though it was aired way back in season three, we know you clearly remember watching this one. 

When Kim lost her earrings in the sea

The family's getaway to Bora Bora back in the sixth season birthed another iconic moment that we're sure, even those who didn't watch the show knows. In this scene, Kim was thrown into the ocean by her then-boyfriend Kris Humphries. It's all fun and games until they realise her diamond earring worth USD75k fell out. She panics and is understandably upset — we would be too if we lost jewellery worth that much, to be honest. Still, it made us all chuckle when Kourtney just savagely tells her, "Kim, there's people that are dying." Luckily for her, Kylie found it soon after and saves the day.

Scott Disick's not-so-subtle remarks

To say that Scott and Kourtney's on-and-off relationship was a mess is an understatement. Regardless of that, we have to admit he's quite hilarious. His sarcasm and dry humour are always off the charts, and he's obviously totally done with the family's sometimes absurd drama. The lines he drops are gold, but our favourite forever remains to be his comeback to Kim who tries to give him relationship advice. Sitting through someone who moves on relationships as quick as lightning? He's definitely not having that.

Kris Jenner's birthday music video

Everyone does cringe-y stuff in their youth and the Kardashian's "momager" is no exception. To celebrate her 30th birthday, Kris made a music video, singing I Love My Friends. The clip features a bunch of '80s stuff and it would be totally chic now, considering retro is in, save for the fact that the song's lyrics seem like a predecessor of Rebecca Black's Friday. Imagine how it must be for her kids to unearth this video for the first time — talk about second-hand embarrassment! In a comical yet sweet turn of events, the sisters end up spoofing this video for their mum's 60th as seen on the show's 11th season. 

Kris surprising Kylie with a new pet

Fans of the show know that Kris has the tendency to take home the most bizarre pets. From getting chickens to a monkey — she's attempted to dote on them thinking it'll be easy peasy. Out of everything, we definitely won't forget about that time she took home a pig as a surprise gift for Kylie, who mistook it for a chicken. To be fair, she was a few meters away when she first caught a glimpse of it, but it still made us crack up anyway. Technically, it wasn't part of Keeping Up With The Kardashians as the moment didn't make it to the final cut (for reasons we'll never understand), but it's precisely these sort of funny scenes that make the reality show a pop culture gem.

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