Insider Roundup: Katy Perry Is Having A Baby Girl & More

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Feeling a little down and isolated, lately? We feel you. But hang in there and keep safe as we rid out this pandemic. In the meantime, we have news that will cheer you up — even just a little. Katy Perry announces she's having a baby girl with Orlando Bloom, John Krasinski launches his YouTube channel with Steve Carell as his first guest, Kosé Sekkisei to release a new generation sunscreen and there's a "Super Pink Moon" to watch out for. Keep reading to know more about these headlines.

Katy Perry is having a baby girl

After announcing her pregnancy and upcoming wedding in the music video of Never Worn White, which gained 25 million views to date, Katy Perry has now revealed that she's having a baby girl with fiance Orlando Bloom. Last March, the pop star shared that she hoped for a baby girl so we can just imagine how happy she must be now that her hopes finally came true. Like any other mother-to-be, Perry has been having concerns about the delivery of her child with the pandemic still in full swing but hopes that the issue would abate by the time her due date comes in the summer, according to an article by Elle. Any guesses on what the baby's name would be?

John Krasinski is now a YouTuber

It's a bit hard to believe but it's true; John Krasinski, best known for his role as Jim Halpert in The Office, is now a Youtuber. His channel Some Good News, which as you guessed from the name, is all about discussing good news and providing feel-good content. With the delayed release of A Quiet Place II, it seems like Krasinski has found another way to provide entertainment. In the first episode, he invited Steve Carell, his The Office co-star, who played Michael Scott, to talk about the beloved show in celebration of its 15th anniversary. What a treat for the fans!

Catch the "Super Pink Moon" this week

Add this on your to-do list: catch the "Pink Super Moon" this week. It's supposed to be the biggest and brightest supermoon among all the supermoons this year, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. Although don't expect the moon to take a pink hue, the name is actually based on the pink phlox flowers that bloom during April, about the same time the "Pink Super Moon" usually appears. Want to catch it? Most reports predict that the "Pink Super Moon" will appear on 7 April at 22:35 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). In our timezone, that's 8 April at 10:35 AM. Mark your calendars!

Kosé Sekkisei to release new-generation sunscreen

Kosé Sekkisei UV Gel

Skincare fanatics, here's something to look forward to! Japanese brand Kosé Sekkisei, known for their topnotch sunscreen, will soon be releasing a new-generation of sunscreen that features an improved formula. This new sun protection range will be formulated with 80 per cent moisturising serum to keep skin hydrated while being protected. It will feature fermented seeds of Job's tears, which is supposed to help with ceramide production and "boost antioxidant effects" to fortify the skin's barrier. Sounds great for those with dry and dehydrated skin! 

Huawei officially launches Huawei Pay in Singapore

While the World Health Organization did not say that cash could spread COVID-19, concerns around using banknotes have been growing with studies claiming that the new virus could stay on surfaces for hours. Good thing, cashless payments are now becoming a more available option for many. Recently, Huawei has launched Huawei Pay in Singapore in collaboration exclusively with UnionPay by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Singapore (ICBC Singapore) Union Pay credit cardholders can enjoy up to SGD20 cashback till 30 September. If you're a Huawei user, you can now download it from the AppGallery. 

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